The Asteroids Galaxy Tour / Press

““… a straight up feel good song.””

Music News

““A triply slice of kaleidoscopic pop…””

CD Times

““60s beat chic””

Subba Culture

““A Danish debut not to be missed.””

Room 13

““… this single is a little ray of sunshine in the world of pop music””

Rock City

““… its swirling strings and hypnotic vocals actually could have come from the summer of love””

In The News

““A fairly irresistible single… terrific””

Mark Radcliffe - Radio 2

““Packed with uplifting melodies and infectious guitars””


"Diverse and unique with the infectious ability to be a truly successful pop influence"

In The News

"Soulful, joyous and brilliant"

Contact Music

"An inspiring warm, authentic sound shot through with summer, light and colour"

Contact Music

"A groove that makes you want to spin round in circles until you see stars"

I Like Music

““A classic slice of Motown inspired summertime pop music…””

Entertainment Focus

"Full of complete energy and inspiring warmth"

In The News

"Check out this band if you get the chance, before they burn down your local venue"

Music News

"The Asteroids Galaxy Tour have indeed forged a sensational nebula"

Entertainment Focus

““an out and out kaleidoscopic pop epic of a song””

IDJ Magazine

““a perfect pocket of upbeat pop pleasure””


““Swirling helter skelteer melodies trickle into your ear like liquid sunshine” “a bucketful of sweet pickled melodies and irresistible hooks” ”

Clash Magazine