The Artist Formally Known As Vince / Press

“Catchy and precise with no filler”

“This montage of musicians were intense (with the rock sound), excitable (like Energizer bunnies hopping all the stage), chaotic (as punk rock should be)”

“If their album is any indication of their live performances, you might be better off wearing your gym clothes because you’ll be bouncing around – a lot. It’s fun, energetic and invigorating; forget your morning coffee, just hit play to On Display.”

“The Artist Formally Known As Vince Band 'On Display' posted 2012-01-23 Good to see that The Artist Formally Known As Vince is back, though this band from Chicago never stopped rocking. 12 new songs with lots of 60s and 70s influences ("Lapdog", "Light", "She's a Disaster"...) wrapped in glitter. The fact that both male and female vocals work together reinforces the melodic side of the songs. The RAMONES sometimes meet early bubblegum pop in "Laser Beam Precision" or "Falling" and the B-52's turn to early NYC punk rockers in "O" and "Wreck". A good record to listen to in these days of easily overproduced stuff, but I'm sure that seeing the band live must be even better!/Laurent. ”

“wailing guitars and Glam rock style”

“If Exene and John Doe got a flux capicitator and a time-travelling X joined T-Rex they might be called T-Re-X, and they would hope to sound this good! ”

““On Display”, kinda sums up your approach; in your face.”

“these 7 songs sound perfect to my ear”

“. Though it’s over in a flash (seven cuts) you will find no better rock band working in America today.”