The Arcane Catastrophe / Press

“Brutal fuckin' edgy metallish noize dudes, awesome!”

“Nice mixture,,,kool shit”

“Killer stuff guys! All that is brutal in Death Metal is pouring from my speakers. Tastes of early Entombed, Suffocation and even hints of Puya! Hope you find a bass player and get out in the live circuit.”

“Fuckin' brutal...Great stuff...”

“Some awesome drumming and guitar work going on here :)”

“You may sacrifice me at the altar of The Arcane Catastrophe, a true honor, all in the name of rock and roll! I dig your music!!”

"Experimental" and f*cking amazing METAL!

“Killer songs,love your sound,cant wait to hear more”

“Only two words: FUCK YEAH!!!”

“brutal! horns raised high!”

“Keep shredding it up!!!! sounds fucking killer!!!”

“Fucking Bad Ass way Brutal Vocals and Music \oo/”

“The Arcane Catastrophe”

The Arcane Catastrophe