The Apple Core / Press

“This was a terrific show! The band sounded fantastic, and the song selection was the best and most varied of any of the Beatles tribute bands I've heard.”

“Great Job at the concert in Frederick last night! You guys rock! New fan of the band.”

“Great concert guys - best show of the season! Please return to us! (Celebrate Frederick's Summer Concert Series at the Baker Park Bandshell)”

“Wife and I saw this group. They are more polished and perhaps even more energetic and expressive of emotion than the original Beatles. I give the Beatles credit for being terrific songwriters and witty lyricists. They admitted that they were not the best performers on the block. Anyhow, the show in Frederick, MD was an A+ for the Apple Core.”

“Listening to music from my [internet radio], heard "Day Tripper" by of course The Beatles, but turned around expecting to see Apple Core on the screen-LOL!! That's a really good band if they have got my mind thinking its them singing, when I am actually hearing the original!”

Kelli ODell - Facebook Timeline Post

"...one of my favorite Beatles tribute bands"

“An awesome show! Highly recommended if you are within 50 miles of where these guys are playing. Go see them - you WILL NOT be disappointed!”

Cal Horlick - Facebook comment

“Apple Core is a great Beatles tribute band, top notch at what they do.”

“The band is fabulous. If you like Beatles music, this is the band to see!' (#1) "What a fun time! I brought along 3 new people and they had a blast. Thanks for the great time. This band is really talented." (#2) "I had a blast as always. The band is fantastic. Great energy.(#3)”

“...despite my apprehension of going to see, essentially, a cover band, they were really quite excellent. If you are a Beatles fan, it is a fun night of dancing and singing along.”

Keith Center, Songwriter (The Dreamscapes Project) - The Favor Project, Day 28

“(The) Apple Core are the best Beatles tribute band in the area. No gimmicks, wigs or suits, just pure talent and a fab authentic sound. They are fun and appreciate their fans too. The Beatles themselves only had 30 minute concerts, but these guys play for hours and never seem to get tired. They are not to be missed.”

Michele Copp - Fan Testimonial

“...(the) Apple Core performs the Beatles' music exactly the way the Beatles recorded it. In fact, I wonder if the Beatles could have performed some of the tunes outside the studio and sound as good as Apple Core!”

Madeline Delgado - Facebook - fan quote

"..even if someone didn't like the Beatles, they would HAVE to like this band."

overheard by Becky Abramson - Beatles and Stones Dance Party at the Tally Ho Theatre

"One of the best Beatles tribute bands going, period."

Menzie Pittman, Owner, Contemporary Music Center - Introduction at 4410 Showcase

“Apple Core is a great Beatles tribute band!”

Vince Nettuno - fan and owner of Crossroads Guitars in Falls Church, VA - quote

“The best Beatles night out you'll ever have!”

Public House No.7 - an English Pub in Falls Church, VA - promotional quote

“Apple Core made their 1st AROTR appearance in DC this year (2010) and were quickly adopted by you, the fans. Pitch perfect and meticulous, Apple Core can cover the full career of The Beatles”

“The BEST Beatles tribute band I've heard!!!”

Bill Langhorst - fan - Facebook

“Lots of bands do A Beatles song or two or three, but these guys do THE song -- THE arrangement -- THE sound -- THE harmonies -- scary.”

K. Forder - fan

“I caught part of their set on the pier Sunday night. The band dresses sharp and looked great under the lights against the backdrop of the Potomac and the city lights beyond – and they sounded fine too... Apple Core has a tight, cohesive sound – and you gotta love a Gent-wielding guitarist who doubles on keyboards.”

“You guys are seriously tight!”

Danny Leavitt, former "George" from American English and Brit Beat - quote

“If you get to hear band called ...Apple Core, don't miss them. No theatrics or fake accents, just great music.”

Gemma Hoskins - Fan quote on the AROTR Guestbook

“You guys were the best band I saw! (at Abbey Road on the River)”

Dave Tieff, Motivational Speaker & Musician - Fan Quote, via Facebook comment

“The Apple Core -- enviable vocals, BIG sound, MAJOR FUN band!”

Olivia Anne Morris Fuchs - Facebook

“The Apple Core, DC's BEST Beatles tribute band! We hope to do a show with them someday soon. These guys nailed EVERY SINGLE SONG...we LOVE them! Great musicianship and faithful renditions of all of your fave Beatles songs...GO SEE THEM!”

Julie Quarles - vocalist, The English Channel - Quote

“Yes, D.C. has an extremely competent Beatles cover band whose set list runs the gamut of the British group’s full recording career. The Apple Core feature vocals that closely mirror the originals. And their rhythm section really has their act together. The drums and bass can swing, and the guitars have the twang and amp sound you’d expect. I’ve heard a lot of Beatles cover bands and this one ranks very high.”

“Went to see the Apple Core at Paradiso's Restaurant on Saturday night... we had so much fun listening to this great band...”

“The Beatles Storm JVs! (again..) - My face hurt from smiling all night listening to all of you - took me back to the sixties again. Mike, you channeled McCartney to a tee - and all of you nailed it!! Can't wait to see you again!”

Neil Hopper (fan) - Apple Core Facebook Fan Page