The Anxiety Effect / Press

“Thank god for The Anxiety Effect, a band that does not live and die by the breakdown. It is somewhat refreshing to hear a band that ripples with influences as polar opposite as Lamb Of God, and at times, early 90’s Anthrax. They have that kind of range folks. I am extremely happy being able to sift through acts to cover, and find the ones that are on to something that does not sound like the last band I just reviewed. Born out of the ashes of previous bands, The Anxiety Effect has blossomed in the short year that they have been together. Based out of Bradford, PA., the band is doing their best to spread out on the regional level. The band started pre-production on an EP in early 2011, and recently released their EP as a surprise last weekend. The E.P. is released independently with Button Lock Entertainment Group.”

“No band has filled my club like The Anxiety Effect has! They pack a high energy performance that keeps people coming back. They are the only band that has ever sold out my club and maintained high crowd volumes. Great group of guys with a metal style that isn't apart of today's trends. Highly recommend this group if you're a metal head!”

Rick Pecora - Venue Owner