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"... cranks out the thick power chords on par with Cheap Trick, The Knack and The Replacements ..."

"The music is first-rate. Crunchy guitar riffage, thundering bass, and Adam White‘s assured, smash-n-crash drums all support the driving tunes. If there’s a formula at work here, it’s a solid one: strong lead vocals, tight, soaring harmonies on the choruses, and memorable hooks throughout. Guitarist Chuck Lindo‘s lead vocals remind me just a bit of Van Temple of The Producers, but the fact that AMPROS have a female bassist (Cheryl Hendrickson) with a great voice expands their vocal range manifold. The vocal harmony parts twist around each other like snakes on a caduceus. While there’s judiciously applied fret buzz and distortion, the songs are sleek and streamlined."

"The American Professionals… write some songs with wry observations on modern life and living. These skillfully constructed songs have strong melodies and memorable harmonies"

"… a careful listener may just very well have noticed that while this is the first disc by the current configuration of the band they have their act together."

"With all the CDs that come across my desk, the American Professionals' latest, We Make It Our Business, caught my attention for a rather weird reason — it looked incredibly boring. At first glance, it seemed like a software or PR company had accidentally sent me some sort of business portfolio in disc form. Upon further review (i.e., actually reading the accompanying materials and listening to the music...this is why they pay me the big bucks) I realized it was anything but. The SF-based trio makes danceable, upbeat but never overly slick power pop with a little gravel in it; the new record should please anyone who can't afford to see the Replacements at Coachella this year (or even those who can)."

“The American Professionals-The Specialist EP. This California band is back for the first time sine 2004's Faking It, and it's a welcome return. Purveyors of crunchy guitar pop that could be described as The Replacements meet The Smithereens, this EP will appeal to fans of those discs as well as Cheap Trick and Weezer. The driving title track makes sure of this, while "Jump This Train" will have you playing air guitar in no time, and "Yet Another One More Time" recalls Foo Fighters' more melodic moments. An early contender for best EP of 2010.”

"The American Professionals are led by singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Chuck Lindo, a St. Louis native a who grew up playing in punk and noise pop bands. He founded the American Professionals in 2003 as a solo project, wanting to explore the more melodic side of his personality. After numerous personnel shifts, Lindo settled down with the power trio of Cheryl Hendrickson on bass and lead/harmony vocals and drummer Adam White. The first album with the new configuration, We Make It Our Business, will be released on Jan. 14. Unlike many indie rock bands, the AmPros actually make a living as full time musicians playing and composing music, including TV jingles and commercials, as well as licensing tunes to Nickelodeon shows like "Zoey 101" and "Drake and Josh." Lindo spoke to SF Weekly from the band's corporate headquarters. The American Professionals perform at Bottom of the HIll on Jan. 29 to celebrate the release of "We Make It Our Business".

"Lindo weaves his three-dimensional tales with grace and bottomless talent, hooking the listener with equal weight given to the words and music. The total effect is quite something; it is obvious, from the first song, that Lindo is a major talent, and that the American Professionals' debut is simply smashing stuff."

Alan Haber - Pure Pop Radio

“The American Professionals "The Specialist" This San Francisco band lead by singer/guitarist Chuck Lindo reunited with guitar player Mike Corcoran (The Ampros) in 2007, then hooked up with drummer Steve Moriarty (The Gits, St. Bushmills Choir) and Cheryl Hendrickson on bass to produce this sweet EP full of large loud guitar riffs that would make Cheap Trick fans proud. Unlike the last full length effort in 2004 "Faking It" this rocks a lot harder and faster. The title track balances the loud riffs and and gentle harmonies just right. Another great track "Jump This Train" is similar to the band IKE with a bouncy beat and fuzzy guitars leading the way. The remaining tracks are also just as catchy and will leave you craving for more. Hopefully a full length release is coming soon. ”