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“Had to say, your song "Rise and Fall" is outstanding!..It's got an Allman Brothers guitar vibe that sounds awesome!!..Take care, Pete-Rocko http://www.reverbnation.com/thehonestmistakeband”

Honest Mistake Band - Fan Feedback

"Pop/funk was the first idea that came to my mind when I heard this stuff. But as I listen on, I found myself noticing more styles being such as hard blues lead guitar and, even more notably, the slide utilized in "Out of Room". It takes your sound to another level especially in that piece. This music inspires a good mood with the combination with poppy drum beats and mesmerizing funky/blues that carries you along with the vocals. The guitar technicality and fusion style intrigues me the deeper I get into the solos. I would love to see these guys live!" -Tony www.facebook.com/thebandsurge www.reverbnation.com/thebandsurge

Surge - Fan Feedback

“Thanks for the love. good luck and keep it up. you guys remind me of a incubus and slightly stupid blend with some sublime. ”