The Amber Herd / Press

““The Amber Herd are a psych-scented indie outfit. Great use of guitars and Theremin, truly arresting vocals, and a moody feel … they know how to use dynamics. This lot should be massive, if there is any justice (damn it)."”

“The Amber Herd is at their best when time is of no concern. Their longer cuts are easily the deepest and don’t ask much from the listener. This is music I can see generations of people enjoying. I could play this for my dad and we would vibe all day. There aren’t many artists I can say that about. So cheers to Our Only Eden for weaving great songs with pure musical integrity. The two songs I delved into are very important, but just a part of the whole experience. You know what to do. Become A Fan!”

““There isn’t a single second in this album that could be taken out. Our Only Eden is a chilled out album perfect for the long summer nights. The Amber Herd are definitely ones to watch; don’t be put off by their alternative approach, just sit back and relax because they’ve got it all under control””

““Indeed it is difficult to believe this is the band’s first full length release as it feels very accomplished and like a third or fourth album by a veteran group. I would need to hear it a few more times, but that is something I am willing to do for the pure musical and lyrical enjoyment. I expect we will all be hearing a lot more from these guys and I look forward to it””

“All in all the EP is a real masterpiece and if you want to make yourself comfortable on a summer evening, with a warm summer breeze and simply listening to music, The Amber Herd will be one of the best recommendations.”

“IT’S an irony of the internet age that when the potential for choice is nearly limitless, everything suddenly seems to sound the same. But that’s not a problem facing Chesterfield/Notts band. The Amber Herd prove here they won’t be led by the nose by the diktats of fickle fashion.They are an intriguing band with an eye for drama and melody. And that’s no bull'”

“'City-based post-punk outfit The Amber Herd - and when we say "post punk", we mean like the masterclass of 1984 perfected so vehemently back in the day'”

“'It's a fine, polished performance, a half-hour of both blissfully melancholic indie and uplifting stripped-back folk and comes to a sprawling, open-mouthed finish with an almost Velvet Underground-esque wall of sound'”

“love your tunes, beautiful, your mechanics hold the listeners attention, amazing guitar work, brilliant vocals, you guys are hard workers and it shows, Cheers! ”

Social Deception - StereoFame

“This is music that everyone needs in this life. It's innovative, cutting edge and diverse. The vocals are solid and the music caresses the vocals and brings alive the lyrics. You show how it is done the RIGHT WAY!!!. The edgy feel to your music screams to be released and to be heard.”

“'A slow-burning set of dense and atmospheric post-rock, at times hushed, at others fist-clenchingly anthemic' ”

“Phenomenal band from across the pond in Nottingham, UK..The Amber Herd traps you in a euphoric Wall of sound you can't break out of...Nor would you want to! Take a listen! ”

".....a cracking band....one to be watching..."

"stage fight" kind of reminds me U2 combined with the pixies:)

Daniela Goel - reverbnation