The Amatory Murder / Press

“This Brooklyn, New York band artfully combine industrial synth-pop and pop-rock with fresh, surprising, and frequently exciting results...raspy, yet robust and passionate vocals soar over a seething sonic bed of fiercely rippin’ guitars, seamlessly percolating basslines, relentless streamrolling drums, and divinely zoned to the funky bone zippin’ keyboards...A real bang-up album.”

“Their influences range from Nine Inch Nails to Lady Gaga to The Beatles. If you’ve ever attended a live show of theirs, you know that they create an ambiance unlike any band you've seen. If you like your rock music a bit on the darker side, and spiked with some of electronic sampling - check them out.”

“This band is built on good ol’ fashioned hard work, a genuine love for music, a fascination with communication, and a meticulous attention to detail.”

“One of the things I liked most about listening to the record was all the different instruments used throughout. I loved hearing almost 8-bit style keyboards with heavy rocking guitars...I haven’t heard this much driving guitar rock music in a long time. Amatory Murder is perfect for cruising down the highway at night or bellowing through city streets in a game like “Burnout”. In fact, it will probably be my go-to music for this purpose.”

“The Amatory Murder is using their influence for their style of synth rock and they are finding an interesting fan base both in New York and far from here.”

“The Amatory Murder were called back on stage to thunderous applause during their show to perform an encore set which included two cuts off their highly anticipated debut album, 'A Different Frequency'.”

“We'll finish with some industrial rock out of Brooklyn. Going out on a loud note, as we should.”

“They do a good job of mixing together industrial beats & a landscape of sound with straight ahead power metal riffs...Lyrically they're on target, the lyrics being one of the strongest parts of the album.”

"The songs are fueled by twenty-first century ideas and sounds...Peppas has a great rough and revved up voice that really sets these songs on fire. Cool industrial guitars combine with nifty keyboards to create a whirlwind of energy...and the louder you turn up the music the better it sounds. Totally rockin' stuff here with balls and integrity. If this guy could hook up with the right folks he'd be a superstar in no time flat.

“The kind of stuff that'll really get you up off your ass and back on the proverbial horse by letting you know that life sucks and will probably continue to suck for a long time unless you do something about it...this hodgepodge of styles and sounds is a welcome deviation from all the cookie cutter music out there.”

“A solid 4 out of 5...The Amatory Murder hit hard, without pulling a punch on any gut wrenching emotions...”

“I would give them [The Amatory Murder] the highest accolade of having musical genius...you can feel every emotion they want you to, with so many psychological levels...you become at their mercy and are left begging for more......it is no surprise to me that they are serious contenders in the music industry...”