The Amalgamated / Press

“The legendary Ken Boothe will perform all your favorites at Brick by Brick in San Diego. Backed by The Amalgamated. Line up includes: The Amalgamated, The Night Doctors, Ottly Mercer, DJ Skarina and DJ St. Maugua! Brick By Brick 1130 Buenos Avenue San Diego, CA 92110 www.brickbybrick.com”

“Best World Music Album The Amalgamated - Boss Universal Omar Lopez - Profundo Amor Stick Figure - Burial Ground Stranger - World Underground The Devastators - Lights of Tomorrow The Dread Crew of Oddwood - Heavy Mahogany Reef Bound Sol - Under the Sun Sunny Rude - Rudimentary ”

“For the mod set, scooters are more than just a way of getting around; they’re a way of life. The Secret Society Scooter Club of San Diego will celebrate its quarter-century anniversary at 7 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 31, with a party at The Casbah (2501 Kettner Blvd. in Midtown) featuring the bands Manual Scan, Amalgamated and Downs Family, plus food by Luche Libre Mexican Restaurant. If you have a scooter, meet up with the club at Gelato Vero (3753 India St. in Mission Hills) at 4 p.m. and ride through the city before rolling up to The Casbah. If you don’t have a scooter, you’re still invited to the party—sorta. www.secretsociety.org. 619-298-3532.”

“On Monday night this week, several members of The Amalgamated filtered in to lay down tracks for their second album, which is tentatively called Hip, Slick and Cool. Their first album, Boss Universal, is nominated for the San Diego Music Awards. Hasz produced it. "These guys getting nominated is a feather in both our caps," he told Patch. Amalgamated guitarist and Ramona resident Reggie Costa said part of After Hours Studio's appeal is that Hasz creates a relaxing environment and he'll work with musicians to expand their creativity. His fellow band member Rip Pena of San Diego said Hasz has a great ear and the best equipment. "Jon has some of the best recording equipment in San Diego," he said. "He gets a lot of specialized equipment that you can't find anywhere else because of his relationships with dealers. He's always upgrading to the latest."”

“Jason Yandall of Imperial Beach plays the drums for The Amalgamated and OttlyMercer, two bands only now beginning to go their separate ways. But there are no hard feelings. Though Yandall will likely play his last show with Amalgamated next month to focus more of his attention on OttlyMercer, he said Ottly may not exist today without the help of The Amalgamated. The Amalgamated's guitarist Reggie Costa is helping to mix and produce OttlyMercer’s first album due out this summer, while lead singer Rip Peña acted as the group’s promoter, helping them book their first shows. Playing the drums for Amalgamated for the last year afforded Yandall the opportunity to play shows with “bands out of LA that I listen to everyday,” he said. While The Amalgamated has more of a traditional ska sound, Yandall describes OttlyMercer as a ska band with some “upbeat reggae and a little touch of soul.””

“Wise says the five members who recently bolted and two other former Hi-Lites have formed a ska cover band named the Amalgamated. Trent says he is auditioning replacement members. The Amalgamated appears July 16 at the Casbah.”