The All-Togethers / Press

“One look at The All-Togethers and you positively know that they are not your average Las Vegas acoustic group. They hearken back to the days of bathtub gin and their music recalls family evenings around the radio… almost. They have that certain something that you can’t quite put your finger on, except you know you haven’t been here before. A mixture of Prohibition-era and modern songwriting puts you in a whirl, enjoying the ride the entire way. Ken Osborne handles the fronting of the group. He plows forth with fury and, when needed, the finesse their tunes call for. Drawing from their Virginia roots, it’s easy to hear the birth of Americana woven within his voice and songs.. Cindy Osborne is an exquisite miniature. This 5’2” lady tackles the upright bass with all the ferocity of a back alley brawl and never lets it stop her from performing a little soft-shoe all the while. Brian Phipps believes in keeping time. Call them unconventional, but the job gets done- and done w”

Outverse Collective