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“On Tuesday, the group – Joe Donahue III on vocals and keys; Brandon Barry on guitar and vocals; Matthew Crane on bass and vocals; and Dustin Herzberger on drums – will release a new single, in anticipation of the full-length release due in the spring. “Gotta be Your Own Friend” is a thrilling slab of power-pop that blends an ornate arrangement with huge, impactful hooks, strong vocal harmonies, and a blend of the camp and the killer that suggests an affinity with a favorite power-pop band of mine, the much-missed Jellyfish. “Gotta be Your Own Friend” sounds world class, in no small part due to the fact that it was tracked here in town at GCR Studios, under the aegis of producer/engineer Justin Rose. I’ve yet to hear anything else from the forthcoming album, but if it’s as strong as this first single, I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to do so.”

“Every few years, there is band that pops up on the radar of every local music fiend, and in 2011 (and into 2012), that band was the Albrights. The Buffalo foursome—Joseph Donohue III, Brandon Barry, Matthew Crane, and Dustin Herzberger—have a sound that feels utterly fresh; a listen to the jaunty “Hard Times” is all it takes for the band’s blues-rock swirl to draw you in. It’s as catchy and lyrically strong as any locally produced song in years, and it’s also quite funny (“Three cheers to Bernie Madoff / Hope prison folk are friendly”). They’ve already developed a local following, scored some awards, played South by Southwest, and released the fine debut, Ask, Tell. There’s a good chance the Albrights are playing near you, very soon. See them now, while you can still snag a ticket.”

“the Albrights, opened the evening's festivities with a killer set that surely seemed to be earning the four-piece some new fans. The group -- vocalist/guitarist Brandon Barry, keyboardist/vocalist Joe Donohue, bassist Matt Crane and drummer Dustin Herzberger -- has crafted an interesting blend of indie-rock and power-pop, one that is marked by some seriously soulful vocals and killer harmonies. It's a tough gig, handling that opening slot, as people slowly trickle in, most of them unfamiliar with the material being presented to them. But the Albrights -- fresh back from a well-received showing at this year's South by Southwest Festival, where the band played a showcase and an impromptu sidewalk acoustic show -- rose to the occasion. Working the crowd like seasoned pros despite their tender age median, the group floored the assembled with "Wasting My Time," an ebullient slab of gritty pop, and tugged at heart strings with the caffeinated ballad "You Don't Love Me."”

"Voted Buffalo's Best Original Music Act 2012"

"The Albrights found this media to be advantageous as they found part of their street performance on Fuse Television. Along with television media, Austin found itself swamped by magazine editors, label representatives and tech salesman- all to the benefit of the bands lucky enough to make their way down south."

"One of Buffalo's most Buzz worthy bands"

“Smart, jam-infested power-pop and funk from the delightful Albrights.”

“I really love what this band has to offer; they're a rock band with a really heavy blues influence.”

“Some bands are content to come up with a formula, a sound, and allow it to become their prison, always writing to that format. Just two tracks into The Albrights samples it becomes clear that these guys break that mold with a vengeance. "Good Woman" sounds like something you'd find on a Black Keys record, then "Strike Out" comes out swinging with strings and an almost progressive feel, sounding nothing like what you just heard, while still being fantastic. You'd almost think it was two different bands. All of this variety comes from their appreciation of all types of music, and the divergent styles of the two primary songwriters. And it also made it a challenge when putting the finishing touches on the lineup.”

“It makes sense for a band like doesn’t sound quite like any other to act accordingly. At first listen, the Albrights’ sound is absolutely accessible – hook-heavy, taut and raucous; but as it sets in, the pitch-perfect harmony of singer/songwriters Brandon Barry and Joe Donohue develops a deeper sound with a pop heart and a blues soul, as somehow the two artists reveal strikingly similar influences despite completely different approaches to songwriting, all punctuated by the pummeling rhythm section of bassist Matt Crane and Dustin Herzberger. With such strong songs and relentless energy, they’re capable of giving the kind of live show that captivates a crowd into a fun frenzy, and for that and their overall affability, the Albrights are attracting a fanatical following.”

“It's Business for the Albrights: The album, released by local indie label Buzz Records, was named the fourth best local album of the year by Artvoice, and the band plans on expanding their audience with Buzz in 2012.”

“Fresh from their well-received stint as the house band in MusicalFare’s recent production of Oliver!, the quartet of Joe Donahue III, Brandon Barry, Matthew Crane, and Aaron Odden gets a chance to show off its own material on this debut CD. There’s an unmistakable, slightly disconcerting split in the material: the tracks Barry writes and sings (including opening number “Hard Times,” a spiffy anthem for Buffalo) have a rootsy, rock-and-roll-y feel with a working-class social consciousness, while Donahue’s angsty love songs play on his vocal similarity to Michael Jackson (not an influence one often hears in Buffalo indie bands). The result often feels like two different groups in one, but it makes sense somehow, and it certainly gives the group a distinct (if multiple) personality. Give the album a listen now, then discover for yourself how well the combination works live when they hit Nietzsche’s (248 Allen St., 886-8539) on December 30.”

“The Albrights Acoustic in their living room”

“Know what else sounds pretty sweet? The Albrights, one of Buffalo’s most prominent up-and-coming bands.”

“The Albrights – Ask, Tell (Buzz Records) If you’re a fan of Turin Brakes, get ‘Ask,Tell’. Opener ‘Hard Times’ has a Paul Simon rolling, rocking acoustic rumble. A real foot tapper. Well crafted and sweetly performed”

“I upon listening I found myself genuinely impressed with this band’s organic yet diverse CD. Sometimes topical, sometimes heartbreaking, and often just good, old-fashioned toe-tapping, jazzy fun, the Albrights produce a wide assortment of musical sounds, appealing to a wide array of musical palates.”

“they delivered a different and decidedly younger vibe worth keeping an eye on, with original sets spanning a slew of genres”

“Speaking about the Albrights work in re conceiving a Dickens classic: "With music arranged and performed by The Albrights, a Buffalo rock and blues band whose popularity has skyrocketed in the past year, this version of Lionel Bart's beloved classic will transport Dickens' lovable orphan to the American Dustbowl in the 1930s."”

“Songs that were once merely upbeat or down now swell with a new sort of complexity and energy in the Albrights' hands, like their spellbinding arrangement of a bluesy, transporting "Boy for Sale" and a gospel version of "Who Will Buy?" that Kelly has turned into a sort of tent revival meeting.”