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“‘Lilac Sky’ is the latest release from Boston singer/songwriter THEA HOPKINS and is her third release to date. Lyrically it is a spectacular tour de force.”

"The first track ‘Might’ve Stayed in Memphis’ showcases all that’s great about this album. She is an excellent songwriter with a memorably vivid line in lyrics and a fine ear for melody. These abilities shine on the title track of the album, ‘Lilac Sky’, a rock ‘n’ roll song that has a real relevance to those who have been worn down by work, hardship and life in general: - “Lilac Sky turning black/ A train rolls down a railroad track Streets so narrow where we fall, Into each other's arms/ Windows rattle like tambourines, In this hotel sitting between Blue highways, blue mountaintops." Thea also excels on the final track, the doomy ‘Watcha Gonna Do?’ a well textured country song which blends guitars and mandola perfectly. Whilst the subject matter is depressing, it should strike a chord instantly with any fans of Woody Guthrie... it is a spectacular tour de force."

"Thea Hopkins has one of those voices you can get lost in. Whether she is singing one of her original ballads, performing a cover by Marianne Faithfull, or turning on her torch and mysterious side, she beguiles, charms, and sings the heck out of every tune. Lilac Sky, with only six songs to its name, leaves us begging for more. Good singers can cover any tune; only great ones make them memorable. Thea Hopkins is one of the greats. "

“Lilac sky (2013) An excellent left of centre six song country mini album that is well worth putting on repeat play!”

“'Lilac Sky' - review (4/5) - Billybop (Belgium)”

"Thea Hopkins has a wonderfully sonorous voice, husky and full of character. She sounds as though she was made for country music and this mini-album is some of the best country I’ve heard in ages."

"Striking and intriguing, with an extraordinary voice."

“'Lilac Sky' - review (8/10) March 2013 "Rich, sultry, emotional, expressive..."”

"On "Lilac Sky," Boston singer-songwriter Thea Hopkins has chosen to release a modest number of songs. Each of these songs absolutely must be heard. " -- Jan 2013

"On "Lilac Sky," Boston singer-songwriter Thea Hopkins has chosen to release a modest number of songs. Each of these songs absolutely must be heard. "

“Boston Globe Editor's Pick”

“American Songwriter magazine May/June 2012 Lyric Contest Winner for her song, "Chickasaw"!”

“Thea Hopkins, "Roots Attached Revue Showcase" a "Editor's Pick" April 2012!”

Stuart Munro - Boston Globe

" The bottom line is that she knows how to take an audience on a ride that touches the full range of human emotions. The beauty of Thea's voice is matched by the brilliance of her lyrics.” -–

Roberta B. Schwartz - The Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

“4 Stars for "Chickasaw" ”

““Immaculately played and produced, with narratives that drip with metaphor and imagery… Thea Hopkins possesses a voice that stands up to her material… The title track showcases the style perfectly, evocative and with a hint of menace. This is folk as it should be: dark tales, poetry and protest."”


“Hopkins most recent album, “Chickasaw” is a melodic diary that blends her past and current perspectives; the collection has garnered high praise from critics and peers alike.”

Mich Cardin - Somerville Patch