The Actors / Press

"The Actors' latest EP High and Low...is a moving combination of heroic vocals, gentle synthesizer tones, and grooving beats...“Theory of Something” builds its conclusion in charming vocal harmonies...“Through A False Door” follows, quickly exploding in a brilliant burst of guitar hooks and voluminous synthesizer tones...with the lead singer belting out in a powerful high tenor. On the album's most seductive track “First Date,” the singer is able to show off an impressive vocal range, with fantastic harmonies supporting it. Catchy and sweet, High and Low is an exciting EP with plenty of space to discover sounds and hooks within the music that will certainly delight your ears."

"Almost as if they are actively trying to conquer the West Coast music blogosphere, The Actors combine every aspect of pure catchiness, tight structure, and reverb soaked tracks that the current modern music nerd is starving for. But this isn’t piggybacking on the wave of dark synth-rock bands making noise right now, The Actors are viciously original and worth your listening time. With only a 5-song EP (free to download here) and a significant buzz among the Bay Area music scene, the band is on their way to becoming a bit more than they might have expected. Darkly fun music like this doesn’t come around this often, at least not this honest."

“Best of 2010 SF Bay Area - picked "Through a False Door." // "We’ll be doing plenty of “Best of 2010" retrospectives over the next few weeks, but it seems appropriate to kick off our look back at the past year with a more comprehensive survey of San Francisco Bay Area indie music in 2010...there are so many talented artists in the Bay that there’s no better way to get a taste of things than to just immerse oneself in the music."”

"The band was nice enough (and con­fi­dent enough) to let me hang around and shoot some pho­tos yes­ter­day while they tracked a new song...When I vis­ited Tiny Telephone, spir­its were high. While they were only lay­ing down live basics, the sounds and takes they were get­ting were rich and juicy. Their enthu­si­asm for the music was infec­tious and by the time I started to get famil­iar with the song they were work­ing on, it was dif­fi­cult to pull myself away."

"With a capacious synth-pop sound reminiscent of a fusion between Band of Horses and MGMT, The Actors filled the spaces between people with their reverb-laden songs. The Actors steadily built a captivating groove so that by the time they got to the most powerful song of the set, “First Date,” the whole room had broken out in dance."

"What makes this EP a bit different...is the depth of the record. The vocal melodies are wonderfully structured while the vast variety of keyboard and basslines are layered perfectly...one dance party not to miss."

"It’s hard not to love this heavy synth retro-pop. Awesome stuff..."

“In slight opposition to my complete overdose on the beachy, shoegaze psychedelic sounds of summer, I was pleased to catch wind of The Actors this morning.”