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“Oceans - I was anxious to hear it because in my humble opinion The Absence are one of the finest melodic death metal bands the U.S. has yet produced. To this day, their 2007 album Riders of the Plague remains high on my personal list of “most-played” releases ever. The song (Oceans) includes some wonderful dual-guitar harmonies and a sequence of guitar solos (both electric and acoustic) that are worth the price of admission all by themselves. I certainly hope “Oceans” is just a teaser of more music that will come from this band — and come quickly.”


“Oceans - Proving that South Florida is still home to thrash metal at its most aggressive, the Absence are a Tampa-based band whose furious guitar work, monstrous vocals, and pummeling rhythms have won them the approval of discerning fans of extreme hard rock.. The recent release “Oceans”,  is The Absence’s first song with Peter’s replacement, Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry)…I hope the upcoming album continues to produce the melodic, solid metal we get from Oceans. Mindtrapt.com”


“Oceans - if you want to instantly fall in love… …find the first new song from The Absence in some three fucking years… …It’s called “Oceans,” and comes highly recommended. ...It’s nasty, melodic, and utterly brilliant. It’s called “Oceans,” and comes highly recommended. …I’m digging the shit out of this song, because it really goes everywhere, and connects with me. Just listen. I can’t explain it. But I’m glad it’s here. Finally.”

Chris Harris - - GunshyAssassin.com

“Oceans - ...this is everything I wanted it to be and so much more… …I'm loving every second of it… …If this is anything like the album is going to be, then sign me right the hell up because I'm interested one-thousand-fold. This is everything I want out of Scar Symmetry and The Absence. Flawless victory!”

Greg Kennelty - MetalInjection.net

“Oceans - ...a completely different side compared to those last three albums released through Metal Blade Records, showing a far more matured band that even seems happier and more enthusiastic. Oceans… leaves you hoping this environment is really explored on their next album.”

Apoch - Apochs.net

“Oceans - ...absolutely gorgeous twin guitarmonies and solos, no doubt in part courtesy new guitarist Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry), and instantly memorable melodic death metal melodies…buy it… Vince Neilstein”

Vince Neilstein - MetalSucks.com

“ "Florida's metal tribe hasn't had a group like The Absence leading the pack for a very long time. The scene itself seemed to level off after the 1990's into another breeding ground of typical brutal bands, yet The Absence have really improved from the generic 'blasterbation' squad into a special supernova of shining melody and scorching heaviness… The Absence is still improving within their genre and continues to stand original amongst their metallic counterparts."”

"[The Absence] charges along like a crystal meth fueled buffalo stampede before breaking into a heartrending section of glacial leads and enormous melodies…"

"One thing is clear from the get-go on Enemy Unbound – Peter Joseph and Patrick Pintaville can still play the guitar like men who have sold a ball to Satan, continuing and developing the fine axemanship that characterized From Your Grave and Riders…."

“If ”Vertigo,” the EVH-meets-Dimebag instrumental album intro of The Absence‘s new album Enemy Unbound, isn’t enough to get you to listen to the whole thing… how about the promise of the hundred or so absolutely top-notch riffs contained therein? And plenty of killer riffs I do promise; riff after riff after riff after riff. Of both the singular and harmonized-lead variety, both in spades, every single one of ‘em headbang and fist-pump worthy. If that’s still not enough to get you to listen, how about the promise of expertly crafted scorching solos? Or of that lost art — actual songwriting? If that’s still not enough for you… it’s f-ing free! Just press the damn “play” button below and let ‘er rip.”

“We’re getting closer and closer to the Septmeber 14 release of The Absence’s third album, Enemy Unbound (Metal Blade). We’ve now heard the album, and can happily report that it’s really, really good, which should shock no one. Lots of bands try to play this particular style of metal, but most of them fuck it up; The Absence, on the other hand, make it look easy. This is the metal equivalent of a good blowjob: all you have to do is lie back, close your eyes, and enjoy yourself.”