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The Lovebirds (US) - Lindsay White / Veronica May / Press

“The Lovebirds "Boat Train" exclusive premiere on Guitar World”

“The Lovebirds Documentary exclusive premiere on Advocate's "Hot Sheet"”


“Lesbian folk music duo The Lovebirds were named as one of six winners at the Grassy Hill Kerrville New Folk Competition for Emerging Songwriters. The duo was chosen as winners out of 32 bands, duos and solo artists. The duo will receive cash honorariums as well as the chance to perform in the New Folk Concerts Fall Tour, according to AcousticMusicScene.”

“Harmonies by the handful fall over the acoustic backdrops like wind over a sun covered back yard. Was that intro cheesy and poetic? Yes. However, I dare you not to get a little mushy when you hear the new album from The Lovebirds , Breakup Shmakeup. This album has folk inspired tales of heartache laced with a slow growing optimism. We recently spoke with The Lovebirds about everything from movies to recording. Here’s what happened.”

“For recent press, visit www.thelovebirds.com/news.html”

“Who’s interested in learning more about an adorable lesbian folk/pop duo made up of two award-winning songwriters who just happen to be in love with each other? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Meet Lindsay White and Veronica May – aka, The Lovebirds. With solo projects thriving, these two San Diego musicians have come together to create their debut effort as a unit with the release of Nutsy Pants. Give a listen to their album and it’s clear they have talent. Watch their spoof YouTube video and it’s hilariously obvious that they have humor. And keep reading this interview and you’ll see that even when they face challenges, they definitely have what it takes to overcome them, together.”

“The Lovebirds – award-winning San Diego songwriters Veronica May and Lindsay White – are band mates, but here’s the kicker: they’re soulmates too. The duo has been a romantic couple for two years. Their style is comprised of guitar and ukulele riffs, offering an old-timey love song feel but with a modern tempo and harmonies so tight you’ll swear in ecstasy or disbelief. Skating the line between folk and pop, The Lovebirds perform all original songs.”

“Then there were the Lovebirds! I have been listening to Veronica May for quite some time now. There are no words to explain the amazing musician she is. However, this was the first time I’ve seen the Lovebirds live. With the incredible guitar skills of Veronica May and the sweet voice of Lindsay White, they really spoke to me. They display a sweet, folksy sound that is enhanced with the harmonica played by Jeffrey Joe on their blues songs. The heartfelt emotions that are expressed through their songwriting is similar to the Indigo Girls or Ani DiFranco, but they are very unique in their instrumentation and vocal harmonies. With the all around talent of Veronica May on guitar, vocals, ukulele, and occasionally the drums, she entertains alone, but then you add the sweet, innocent voice of Lindsay White and you have some incredible stories that are told. They are free, open, and expressive in their art and can really make you laugh!”

“Landing somewhere between lesbian duos the Ditty Bops and the Indigo Girls, San Diego-based bandmates and soulmates the Lovebirds (Lindsay White and Veronica May) are as comfortable covering Snoop Dogg's hip-hop ("Beautiful") as they are Jimmie Davis' old-time gospel ("This is Just What Heaven Means to Me"). In-between on their debut disc Nutsy Pants (thelovebirdsmusic.com) they demonstrate that they are equally adept at creating memorable original tunes, including "Love is All it Takes," "Victim and the Villain" and "Love Letters."”

“Inventive and unconventional songwriters Lindsay White and Veronica May are The Lovebirds, a San Diego-based vocal duo releasing a winning debut CD called Nutsy Pants. If you’re over 50, think Simon and Garfunkel with a sense of humor. If you’re under 50, think Norah Jones, multiply by two and add substance. ”

“The Lovebirds defy any natural comparisons. They are at once old-timey and contemporary. Original, yet familiar. Ethereal and down-home at the same time. They can wow a primarily pop crowd at House of Blues and practically destroy an audience in a listening room. And their songs come from deep wells of emotion, stemming from both exhilarating joy and devastating pain. Lindsay turned to songwriting to deal with coming out and now, to explore her life and love. Veronica turns to music and songwriting for that, too, but to also help her cope with her bipolar disorder.”

“Neither Lindsay White or Veronica May of The Lovebirds write on a schedule, and the process changes. Lindsay: It depends on whether I’m writing solo or with V. As a solo it’s like therapy. It’s working out my emotions, which are usually dark. With Veronica it’s fun. We can write a love song in 20 minutes. Alone it can take days. I have the melody first 90 percent of the time. Veronica: I generally write from heartache or pain. It’s definitely therapy for me. And I have to perform them. Both the act of writing and singing works it out of me. Both of them believe Lindsay has the discipline, the writing skills, and the editing chops to make it as a staff writer for a publisher. Lindsay says she would love that. Other writers felt that would ruin it for them.”

“The bittersweet, sincere vocals of Lindsay White make her sound like the lovechild of Hope Sandoval and Regina Spektor—and we love it.”

“White sings with a familiar-sounding voice that blends folksy charm with a taste of the husky blues vibe of early Ricky Lee Jones”

“Once a month or so, Jeff Berkley opens his studio and Cathryn hosts a gathering of musical guests who play, talk, drink and laugh about our crazy San Diego music scene.”

“This set the tone perfectly for the series; they are so likable and their songs are sweet and polished. The interview was great as well - for the first show everyone sounds really comfortable behind the mic.”

“Pretty little harmonies with a pretty little lady”

“I'm pretty sure if I wouldn't have thrown myself full-force into writing back when I was having a tough go of things, I may have become an alcoholic.”

“It is damaging to compare most anyone to the legend of predecessors like Joni Mitchell, Grace Slick, or Bob Dylan, but laid song beside song this newer work stands strong.”

“Just an amazing record! Lindsay has a way...listen to Fancy Shoes ("If I only had the nerve to find what I deserve, seek what I'm after. There'd be sorrow no more. I'd let out a roar. I'd let out the laughter.") and tell me you haven't felt exactly that. Or Rapunzel -- she turns the whole thing upside down: from forlorn, tower-trapped victim, to cynical, co-dependent user. Beautiful melodies, and lyrical metaphors that disarm and unnerve you with the truth they contain...simply brilliant!”

“Ms. Lindsay White is bright, clever, astute, brainy, gifted, ingenious, intellectual, lovely, inventive, endearing, enthralling, entrancing, intriguing, profound, smart, talented, enchanting, alluring, appealing, attractive, beguiling, bewitching, captivating, charming, seductive, sirenic, winsome and mesmeric. She's all that and a thesaurus! I talk purty good but I had to get help to find the words. I got to sit in on harp and heartstrings last night and really hear her luminous poetry. My goodness.”

Jeffrey Joe Morin - n/a

“I struggle to keep my glass half empty, always kind of mildly depressed. I manage to get through life a cheerful person on the outside, but a lot of what I write about is being the most honest I can be, so a lot of my songs have dark undertones.”

"Just a little inclement weather, that's all...splintered my life apart"

“If you are wanting to experience humor with a twist of female emotion that goes straight to your stomach like a Tequila Shooter, and brings the laughs just the same GO SEE LINDSAY! She is awesome!”

“Bob Dylan in a Skirt”

“Gold Lindsay White with "Fancy Shoes"”

“Rock Around the Town: Online Interview”