The Little Black Dress / Press

"Dan’s voice is audibly delicious"

“The Little Black Dress is a fusion of everything you ever wanted in a band, and more. Heavy hitting drums, ridiculously tight bass lines, carefully crafted guitar and excellent vocals to top off the mix. Their music is as sexy, sultry, and classy as a bombshell redhead in a little black dress.”

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"The Little Black Dress delivers a unique hybrid of propulsive rhythms, dance-inducing energy, and anthemic hook-laden rock. This hip-as-hell quartet weaves through soulful melodies, shimmering guitars exploding with soaring power."

"...hit single material... an edgy rock’n’roll vibe had my hips swaying, my hands clapping... a solid batch of original songs and stage talent galore, the potential for the band is plentiful."

"The singer was captivating up on stage, and off when he'd jump into the cult fans to sing to the crowd. He was such a natural frontman.. actually natural is something I would say about each member of the band on stage, and I don't know if it's because of this but I felt like I knew them somehow while I watched, although the names and faces close up don't seem as familiar. There was just this strong comfort level between them and the audience and it really brought a warmth to each song that drew you in like a big bear hug."