The GiGi Sisters / Press

“What started as a fun way to spread Christmas cheer has blossomed into a budding career as musicians for three Mississauga sisters.”

“It's been a busy few months for a trio of musical Mississauga sisters. The GiGi Sisters - Alexandra, Stefanie and Katharine Petkovski - just returned from Nashville, where they met with industry reps and performed at local venues, including the renowned Bluebird Cafe, a Music City hot spot that hosts both up-and-coming and genre-topping singer/songwriters, including Garth Brooks and LeAnn Rimes.”

“When people think of a family band, your mind immediately goes to the cheesy classics like The Brady Bunch, right? While their message stays positive, the three sisters that make up the band The GiGi Sisters have a folk-pop edge to them that won’t make you cringe – quite the opposite actually. Alexandra, Stefanie, and Katharine Petkovski blend their passion for family and friendship with their vocal and musical talent to create beautiful yet fun music. The trio hail from Ontario, Canada, and we had the chance to chat with them a bit to see what they’re bringing to the musical table. Take a look below to learn about our new Highlighted Artist, The GiGi Sisters! The GiGi Sisters: ' As sisters we promote honesty throughout all our music — and write our songs based on personal, and life-relating experiences we come across. Most importantly, we love to have fun!'”

“In the music industry we’ve seen family members come together to make music. This is evident in acts such as Kings of Leon, The Jonas Brothers, R5, and Before You Exit to name a few. The GiGi Sisters would be categorized under the same umbrella. The GiGi sisters is made up of Alexandra, Stefanie and Katharine Petkovski. The I.C.F.R.D. Pop (Indie Country Folk Rock Dance Pop) band recently played at Canadian Music Week. Just looking at the amount of genres The GiGi Sisters have encompassed into one to describe their music, points to one thing and one thing only: a WHOLE LOT of versatility! I believe this is the reason that The GiGi sisters stand out from the crowd. When listening to their medley of High For This/I Knew You Were Trouble, from the minute the song started you knew this wasn’t your ordinary cover. The GiGi sisters took two songs, and arranged them and made it to their own, they put their own signature on the song. They were creative and had fun with it!”