The EVT Band / Press

“Production Pure. Rich. Graceful. This is like a smooth water pool which is reflecting the life above it. Takes you to a higher place. I can only describe the vocals as lovely. The music dances in the mind like a moving pleasure ride. Corrientes is of the finest art of our time.”

Titee - Max Maxibillionth

“Great interesting original sound. Nice to hear live instruments for a change. The way the band interact I would guess that the recording was done with most of the instruments playing together at the same time, as opposed to multi-track and layer afterwards. Fresh sound.....good work guys. ”

“A ray of sunshine for the rain soaked UK from the beautiful Corrientes, New York's finest...”

“You guys are like the Good Housekeeping Seal for music....as soon as I see the Emblem- Corrientes, I know I'm about to hear some goooood music-!!”