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"Next up was The Ameros, who opened with one of my favorite songs, “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” by Cage the Elephant. This not only pumped me up but the rest of the crowd too, causing a massive surge to the front of the stage. Lead singer Jesse Calhoun belted out lyrics of freedom and rebellion with great passion and honesty, almost causing a riot on the dance floor. Charles Pope blew me away with his sharp guitar riffs especially during “New American Century.” The Ameros musical style ranges from reggae, rock, funk and explosive hip hop. This was their second time playing at the MOVE Music Festival and Calhoun said it went way better this year since they got to play at one of their favorite venues, Valentines, and were able to support their friends’ bands by catching more music too." Albany knows how to MOVE – recap of MOVE Music Festival, April 27th http://upstatelive.com/2013/05/06/albany-knows-how-to-move-recap-of-move-music-festival-april-27th/

“Albany's The Ameros have a lot going on: They just released their debut album, "Backs Against the Wall," and will celebrate that with a special show at Dinosaur BBQ. The Ameros are singer Jesse Calhoun, guitarist Kawari, bass player Sean Muniz and percussionist Kiki Vassilakis. They meld rock, reggae, hip-hop, funk and riveting political commentary. This is a politically charged combo, with songs like the apocalyptic title track, the Patriot Act ode "Name Your Price For Freedom," "Weight Of The World" and "Way of the Gun."”

“The songs, primarily written by Calhoun and Muniz, showcase influences ranging from classic rock - artists like The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and Led Zeppelin - to metal acts like Dream Theater, to hip-hop, to reggae. All these influences can be felt throughout the album, sometimes in the same song - the epic-length title track features a winding metallic riff with a midsection rap.”

"Each song has a different approach, making them diverse and interesting vehicles for the ideas that inspired them. They're like several bands in one. Rap, rock and folk meld around lyrics that are consistently conscious and driven to express."

“The Ameros from Albany, New York also has a catalog that transitions across several styles. They are as capable of busting into the soundspace with a big, gritty guitar under a rap explosion as they are to deliver something folk or southern rock. Name Your Price for Freedom is a melodic blues rock anthem fit for the end of an arena set, while several other pieces are evocative of 60s singer songwriter bands. Sometimes the sound is undeniably funk. They incite and move. Their songs are present and political.”

“Live music was provided by The Ameros, a band whose members say they are “steeped in truth,” according to their Web site. Singer and guitarist Jesse Calhoun said he became involved with the rally through the Campaign for Liberty, which aims to “promote and defend the great American principles of individual liberty, constitutional government, sound money, free markets and a non-interventionist foreign policy.””

"They flat out rock."

Al Roney - WGY 810 AM

"They are original independent voices who have something to say. They have a lot of energy and their lyrics are thought provoking. They are relevant to Troy and to Albany, but they are relevant to the rest of the world as well.

Bob Goepfert - Quote of Steve Pierce - Troy Record

“You can definitely hear the influence of Hendrix in your music.”

"(one) of the Capital region's hottest bands."

“Intertwining guitar meshed with serious vocal harmonies, CR (the Ameros) impressed many with their lyrical subject matter, much of which dealt with government hypocricy, and lack of honesty among the powers that be.”

“changing the world one song at a time”