The 7th Squeeze / Press

“The 7th Squeeze opened the Coldcock Herbal Whiskey Showcase Stage in style at Q-Ruption 2013. Check out photos of their performance at SPAC - Uproar Energy Fest 2013”

“As you well know, instinct overrides ear in rock 'n' roll, and it was a perfect pairing. Sample felt his songs now had a fighting chance, and the two have been going full-speed-ahead ever since, with gigs, a digital-only release called "Can't Walk on Love" and a nifty video for their song, "Hitsong," Read more: http://www.timesunion.com/entertainment/article/7th-Squeeze-at-Paulys-Hotel-3350548.php#ixzz1uZlHHUx9 ”

“The 7th Squeeze, with Saint Rose music industry student Gary Ljungquist on bass, entertained the crowd with a high-energy set, sprinkled with pop covers including “Lady Marmalade,” in which front man Nick Horace impressively mimicked the roles of all five divas who contributed to the 2001 cover of the hit.”

“What Prohibition has to say "Are you ready for the NEXT BIG THING to hit Prohibition? No, I don’t think you are. The 7th Squeeze is ready to blow your minds at Prohibition for the first time on Thursday, April 5th. It’s the start of a movement, the opening of an era of rock and roll mastery on the Upper West Side. You’ll want to tell your friends that you were there the first time The 7th Squeeze played Prohibition before they started playing sold out arenas all over the world. Take our word for it … this is going to be something VERY special."”

"We see a lot of talent walk through our doors, but 7th Squeeze lef t its mark in a way few bands ever did. These guys are some of the most passionate, dedicated and talented musicians I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I'm looking for ward to seeing, and hearing, all they have yet to accomplish”. — Cory Rosenberg, New York City’s Legendary Friar’s Club

Cory Rosenberg - New York City’s Legendary Friar’s Club

““The 7th Squeeze is a virtual do-it-all Band. It seems that there is nothing that this band can't do or play. Nick has an amazing voice that he uses to make rock, soul and R&B his own. They are a live iPod playlist gone wild. I am a FAN…ROCK ON”. — K. Mojavi Wright, President/Director of Urban Guerilla Theatre, WAMC’s Performing Arts Studio”

K. Mojavi Wright - Urban Guerilla Theatre, WAMC’s Performing Arts Studio

"The 7th Squeeze is an amazing band! Nick has a kick ass voice and is an awesome frontman! Not only did I re- book them immediately after viewing them at my venue, but I will continue to invite them out as long as Six Flags has a Live & Local program. I am a Fan!" — Patricia R. Stevens, Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson, NJ

Patricia R. Stevens - Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson, NJ

““The group played its signature mash-up of soul singing and a complex almost mathematical interweaving of guitar, bass and drums. The lead singer is magnetic, but it is the odd and interesting combustion of styles that gives 7th Squeeze its satisfying crunch.” — Louise Crawford, OTBKB (Only the blog knows Brooklyn)”

Louise Crawford - OTBKB (Only the blog knows Brooklyn)