The 51 Cards / Press

“Nice set!”

Jeff Rosenstock - Bomb The Music Industy! frontman

"How hard is it to get a bevy of screaming young girls together these days? Can someone assemble that? [Thursday] night entertainment is highlighted at 4:30pm by local alt. rock heartthrobs, The 51 Cards. Not one of the member's Facebook pages I crept around on indicates girlfriends. So, go get 'em ladies!"

Andrew Goff - The North Coast Journal

"A colorful, catchy, well-rehearsed and crisp sound."

"The 51 Cards’ sound is bright and positive, with a youthful exuberance [...]. Most of all, they want you to hear them play live. Do. I think you'll like what you hear." ---NCJ Calendar listing--- Humboldt County Teen alt. rock heartthrobs perform and make you feel all tingly.