The 4onthefloor / Press

“They weren’t the first local band this year to sell out First Avenue their first time as a headliner... The 4onthefloor had to be the first band of this ilk to accompany their sold-out show with a Jumbotron, though... Fun stuff, but the really impressive display was at the front of the stage, where 4onthefloor's members were lined up in their usual row with their kick drums at their feet, but they played unusually tight and with great purpose.. After spending much of the winter and spring on tour, the band was ready for this one, a chance to show hometown fans the positive effects of hard touring... A sell-out is one thing, but keeping a packed crowd intensely involved for an entire show is another. They had the crowd singing/howling along to “Lionehearted” and “Junkie” at the start of the set as loudly as they did for “On Tuesdays” and “Undertow” near the end, and it was the rare rock show where folks actually danced on the dance floor.”

“The band’s growing success could be due to its Memphis- and Delta-inspired blues, or it could be because people seem to genuinely like its music. Just try mentioning the band to any local music aficionado without hearing, “That band’s killer live. The singer, Gabe, brings a beer stein onstage and then parties in the audience.””

“Once again proving their momentum is well-deserved with a sweltering set last night at the Turf Club, blues-punk rockers the 4onthefloor have come up with the perfect release date for their debut album: April 4, as in 4/4, same as the time signature of all of the quartet's songs. The name of the record will also be "4 x 4." All of this, um, quadromania is also in keeping with the fact that all four of the band members perform with a kick drum at their feet... It might sound a little gimmicky, but the group was quite a serious thrill onstage last night. Wooly-bearded frontman Gabriel Douglas is a deft rawwwk howler with deep, devilish undertones, sort of an unholy blend of Patterson Hood and Glenn Danzig. And the whole unit has an uncanny tightness, which may or may not come from the inherent fact that they all have to literally play in step.”

“The 4onthefloor...came to instill in us the ferocious beat of the blues heart and pour us out some bourbon-soaked bluegrass by way of four bass drums, each member manning one in addition to the standard kit, guitars, and electric bass. They staged themselves in a single line, right up front, to consolidate the percussive force, and around that force they wove some serious hoot, holler and wail. The faithful filled in around the stage, and together we all got lifted. You know it’s good when you can’t stop your shimmy even if you try.”

“I got a note from Minneapolis’-own 4onthefloor this week. They’re four guys in a stompin’ blues band who write all their songs in 4/4, everyone in the band plays their own kick drums. They have a CD release party coming up at the Kitty Cat Klub on Sunday, April 4th. (4/4 get it?). The drum thing may read like a gimmick on paper, but it’s not. More cowbell is dead. I want MORE KICK DRUM!”

“My friend and business partner Shayna suggested that I come see the 4onthefloor live at the Legendary Uptown Bar. What I saw that night was a band utterly determined to steal The Blues back from the promoters and agents. The 4onthefloor came walking into the Bar looking like The Soggy Bottom Boys from “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?”. They set up four kick drums; all band members stepped up to the front of the stage, two guitars, a snare, and a bass. Then they let old Howlin Wolf rip. The stomping began. The Uptown Bar was transported from its Urban Hipster surroundings, to some swampy Juke in Mississippi.”