The 150 Friends Club / Press

“The 150 Friends club goal’ is to play shows in front of no more and no less than 150 people at a time. Having played in unsigned bands for years I can tell them they will be lucky to ensure every gig has that many punters! Here’s clearly a wild mix of influences from quaint acoustic singer-songwriter songs to funky indie that reminds me unmistakably of The Zutons. Guitar led tunes with tasteful drumming and distinctive vocals with satisfying harmonies are clearly the dish of the day. I can also detect whiff of reggae and hints of African rhythms. It’s all funky, it’s all catchy and there’s even dips into odd time signatures to keep the muso fans happy. There’s seems to be so many instrumentalists on some of their tracks that I’m sure The 150 Friends club is most probably a collection of ridiculously talented multi-instrumentalists and song writers. Maybe at the next gig I’ll be one of the 150 and I might just work out what’s going on and why it’s so intriguing!”

“The 150 Friends Club is the latest project from David Goo – his ‘second feature’ so to speak – and could be described as the Variety Band’s uglier and more peculiar sister. Based on the Dunbar Theory that society works best in numbers of 150, the band plays what they call ‘intimate, intense rock things’ designed for no more and no less than a hundred and fifty people at a time. - See more at: http://lostinthemanor.co.uk/introducing/introducing-150-friends-club/#sthash.lZzeGiCH.TDx0my4o.dpuf”