The 12 to Six Movement / Press

"The group's chemistry has steadily improved with each release to the point where they are now pros at crafting party-starting boom-bap that boasts clever similes and catchy choruses. Although they can handle serious songs well, 12 to 6 is most in its element spinning yarns about sex, drugs and rap life"

"This project is a breath of fresh air if you need a break from all of the recurrent music that we’ve been force fed lately by the radio. The time required for them to create this album was worth it." "12 to 6 Movement members Jus Time, Ser Lesson and Spark1duh? have been a staple in the St. Louis music scene for a while. With well-polished showmanship performances they have taken the Delmar Loop and other areas of the STL by storm. Now the trio makes an impact with their new album called “Titties Out”."

“What I really like about the album and the group is that they are bringing the realness and having fun at the same time!"-- "No gang banging, and ridiculous faux studio beefs; you can feel that it’s about the music with these guys."-- "The name of the album and title track “Titties Out”, may offend some people. Trust me, it’s not that deep. This is not another neanderthal album dedicated to calling women out of their names. If you listen to the song you will find out that it is about being free to express yourself; which is the theme of the album. Why use women’s breasts to express freedom? Why not! Women use them all the time…..And men love boobs; I mean what can you say? (And this is coming from a Women’s Rights Activist)"”

“Shit Yeah!”

“("1" Indicates the Lowest Score "5" Indicates The Highest Score)----------------------------- Recording /Quality/Production: 4.5 --- Lead Vocals: 5 ---- Musicianship: 4.5 --- Lyric Writing: 5 INCREDIBLE!--- Music Composing: 4.5 ---- Melodies: 5 --- Song Arrangement: 4.5--- Overall Delivery: 5 ---- I enjoyed the songs and as you read above, you scored quite well. These songs are as strong as anything on the radio today. Excellent work! All of you are VERY talented! To give you insight to the scoring scale above, the majority of artists score in the 2.5 to 3.5 range in the various categories. When an artist sees 4, 4.5 or 5 as their score in a category, it's a validation from a professional, confirming that the songs are of the highest level and show strong potential in the ultra-competitive music industry. I don't give out 4's and 5's easily, so any of those you see, you have earned. Well done! Thanks again for the music submission! The 12 to 6 Movement project is awesome!"”