th' Bullfrog Willard McGhee / Press

“[Stealin' Gasoline] has the real deal sound of authentic blues of the past. These guys are two great musicians/singers of today. They have captured the real feeling of the Blues. Any serious Blues Lover will go for this one! ”

Billy Boy Arnold

"If it was bad I would've got up and left..."

James Cotton

“Fuller ain't dead. This Piedmont....these mountain blues ain't dead. Not as long as there's a record like this and boys like Bullfrog and Tad to play 'em..."”

Nat Reese

“Tad & Bullfrog are masters of the acoustic Blues tradition and bring their own fire, talent, and stories to their music. The human challenges that inform both old and new Blues are expressed in their timeless music which speaks right to the soul.”

Bob Margolin

“Musician “Th’ Bullfrog” Willard McGhee has nothing but respect for the blues greats of the Piedmont. In fact, McGhee would love to see more being done to honor blues pioneers like Blind Boy Fuller and Floyd Council. Their legacies live on in McGhee’s music. His new CD project, recorded with fellow blues guitarist Tad Walters, is called “Stealin’ Gasoline.” In the tradition of blues, the songs are personal and poignant and sometimes racy.”

"th' Bullfrog possesses a gift...he's just so damn funny."

Daily Athenaeum

“["Stealin' Gasoline's] already receiving great international revues, as it should. The songs are amazing. My favorite is one by Willard, who spent years traveling and landed in New Orleans. The song, "Sweet Honore, the Tatooed Lady of North Dauphine Street", is kind of a love ballad, only different.”

Mel Melton

"I like the way he plays. I like the way his guitar harmonizes with mine"

John D. Holeman

"I'm gonna learn all his songs."

Nat Reese

"I think he's a real good musician and a real nice man to go with it. You couldn't ask for any better. He is a wonderful person."

John Jackson

"Great, great music..."

U. Utah Phillips

“True to his handle, Th' Bullfrog Willard McGhee sings in a friendly, gurgling growl, a little like a latter-day Dave Van Ronk. While his voice is warm with a world-weary gentleness, his acoustic guitar smacks and snaps as he picks out the Piedmont blues Blind Boy Fuller made famous. McGhee pairs with Tad Walters tonight for the release of their first duo album, Stealin' Gasoline. The two trade guitar licks, Walters' bluesy drawl standing up to McGhee's croak. The duo most impresses, though, when Walters cuts in with flapping, soaring harmonica. It's a Sonny Terry/ Brownie McGhee-style pairing that can both wallow in and fight away the pain”

“Bullfrog's deep, weathered baritone suggests a septuagenarian black man, not a middle-aged white guy. He channels the sound with such passionate honesty, it rises above mere affectation. He could work for Pixar, so full and vibrant are the colors he paints with his acoustic guitar. He assays a collection of traditional blues and roots tunes worthy of the Library of Congress, slipping in originals nearly indistinguishable from their inspirations. McGee's an unknown you'll be thankful you discovered.”

"...incredible finger-picking...tough, husky singing..."

Susanna Robinson - Graffiti, Charleston, West Virginia

"[th' Bullfrog's] songs evoke the loud drunken laughter of smoky speakeasies and coalcamp house parties...Bullfrog belongs in the upper echelon of sweet funny blues singers, somewhere between John Hurt and Leon Redbone."

WMTD - The River - Beckley, West Virginia