Thaylobleu / Press

“Each of the four band members has a stage presentation and performance style unique from the others, but their unity comes through powerfully via your sense of sound. With a thoroughly decadent crank, Thaylobleu’s style unlocks a hidden pulse within, putting you at risk for instigating/inspiring some slam dancin’ with strangers. One of the most enjoyable aspects of the Black Cat show was watching individuals in the audience being ignited and then sparking a flame in fellow fervent headnodders standing close by. DC funk rock comes in different flavors, which are exposed by the bands’ front men whose voices point to telling undercurrents in the music. For example, where Head-Roc’s vocals pick up the go-go in GODISHEUS songs, Sub-Z’s vocals romance the rock ‘n’ roll in Thaylobleu‘s. These funk rockers also thrive with socially conscious lyrics, which is always worth saying, but seems not worth saying because the music speaks so well for itself.”

“Thaylobleu’s “Locked,” a hard-driving tune that owes its energy to Bad Brains and ’70s metal. “There goes that chicken hawk circling/With that costume jewelry,” Nicholson sings—with the officers as his inspiration—while the main guitar riff by Darrell “DP” Perry punches forward and the rhythm section of Joe Hall (drums) and William Vaughn (bass) stays—yeah—locked. The chorus—”I got it locked locked locked locked locked!”—is a true fist-pumper, and the second verse pulls away from the original incident to offer a dire warning for society in general: “Smoke em’ if you got em’/Baby, we goin’ out like Pompeii.” Despite the confrontational tone of the song, Nicholson—who teaches kung fu and tai chi, works in summer-camp programs and also teaches art—says education is his primary goal. At shows he gives out ACLU pamphlets that explain how to handle a situation like his 2010 episode.”

"It has been far to long since I last saw this interesting twin-guitar rock quartet from our fair city. They have a gritty punk style at the core, but soar off into various rock and even R&B angles that it is quite difficult to pigeon hole them. And that is always a good thing, when you are able to create your own sound in the process, which is exactly what they do."

“DC alt. rockers Thaylobleu have a deep seeded history in the DC music scene with vocals/guitarist frontman Terence Nicholson perfomring in prior hip hop and reggae acts decades past. And recently, his latest conglomerate comprised of Joe Hall(drums,) DP (guitar,) Bill Vaughn (bass,) and Ayce International (tables,) skyrocketed our poll to be claimed Band of the Month.”

“Two months ago, I spoke to Akil Nadir of Dirty Water fame, whom I had the pleasure of having come through to rock the Art Under Pressure presents Power Moves party at Ras Hall. This time around, I want to throw full shine on another D.C. hip-hop legend, Terence Nicholson, better known to the world as Sub-Z of the world-phenomenon band Opus Akoben. I've been waiting for this brother to unveil his latest undertaking for a while now, and once I found out about the other D.C. indie-rock stars involved on his Thaylobleu project, I knew I wouldn't be disappointed. Along with the Opus Akoben anchor, members of Poem-cees, Storm the Unpredictable, and Uninterrupted are all a part of Thaylobleu. I can’t say enough about these and other individuals, groups, and crews, and the immeasurable sacrifice of family, friends, lovers, children, life, and, yes, death over the last 20 years living and shaping the D.C. music scene”

“these four guys opened my eyes and ears immediately with some of the gutsier raw rock music I have heard lately. They clearly know the local scene as the second song was about the DC Space club where I saw Fugazi's fifth show many decades back. Sample lyric... "I don't remember much about it, but take me back to DC Space". Musically, is where these guys really shine. They play a tough ferocious brand of rock that reminds me more of Detroit than DC and could fit squarely in between the early scene featuring MC5, Stooges, and Death to the hardcore scene of the Fix and Negative Approach.”

“Thaylobleu's intense lyricism and unique performances have helped them influence music fans in Washington D.C. With an increasing fan base and endless motivation, Thaylobleu may soon extend their popularity far beyond the nation's capital.”

“The intensity became almost overwhelming last Friday as Thaylobleu started their warm-up routine at Axum's Lounge in Washington D.C. Terence Nicholson rocked the mic, Joe Hall smashed the drums, and the rest of D.C.'s finest funk rock band went on to deliver the passion that live music fans crave.”