Thawed Out Productions / Press

“I am feeling the songs "Chevy So Cool" & "Summertime", stay up.”

Terrence of Treal Life - Reverbnation.com

“Thanks for the support fam'... But your music is better then mine... DAMN!!! My favourite tracks are 'Summertime', 'Here they come' and 'Explosive'. Those tracks are definately on point.”

Junior Dre - Reverbnation.com

“Nice storytelling on "here they come"...”

D. Fornay - Reverbnation.com

“Feelin the vibe..Keep that fresh feel flowin!”

Marie Satch - Reverbnation.com

“I been listenin in for a few years now so i know what you can do. yes sir. Would love an opportunity to work with you fam...”

SK - Reverbnation.com