“Quite frankly, there are a lot of Irish bands in our state. Trying to pick one to feature in this post was damn near impossible. For those that may think I just chose the most glaringly obvious answer I retort by saying that Emmet Mc Elhinney, or That Irish Guy, truly is one of my favorites. Coming from a long history in a music-making family, That Irish Guy combines the very traditional with very modern themes. "Old McDonalds Deformed Farm" is a must hear. A hilarious take on the old classic; it's dyslexic sheep, hair-lipped dog, Turret's syndrome chicken and stuttering snake will have you in stitches. However, upon true listening of That Irish Guy's music, you'll hear that he takes his family's legacy seriously and writes some beautiful, heart-wrenching tunes. "Four Green Fields", "Lakes of Pontchartrain", "The Parting Glass", and "Father Mallory Dance" are but some shining examples. With around 20 songs online, he hopes to have an album out soon.”