Psycc0 / Press

“Please, don't stop making excellent music. now get your latest music on iTunes please!”

Alva - N1M

“I just listened to your music again, glad i left my email on your list I like it very much! I think you are one of my favorites”

Melanie - N1M

“BGD snippet is the one of your best hits. Looking forward to the release of your new album!!”

Ariana - N1M

“Definitely love your first tune in n1m player! If I do like a certain song then I shall listen to it again and again. But I don't expect an artist to paint the same picture AGAIN AND AGAIN. Cheers!”

Rodolfo - N1M

“Great music!:))) Stay unique as you are and sincere in what you do! Cheers!:)))”

Mui - N1M

“hey your tune bgd snippet is the song of my day today, I've been listening to it since the early morning. isn't it wonderful?! need I say more... just love it”

Dudley - N1M

“Watching people around me being challenged by the seasonal vibrations. When I feel it start to invade my space I turn the music up louder. Listening to Zone Up snippet right now helps!”

Dennis - N1M

“now THAT's music ive been listening to this all day, seems like you can never get tired of it!”

Mary - N1M

“hi i have to admit that Zone Up snippet is the best of your n1m musiclist as far as i can see you've got a lot of potential to make it really big one day! I'll support you 'till the end.”

James Davidson - N1M

“Amazed. I like BGD snippet and I am feeling this track. Now it grows on me.”

Adriana Kellerman - N1M

"Psycc0 has achieved Platinum Auddy Awards for their music" - "Sic in Da Head"

“2012 Yoostar Awards "Best Script Flip" winner...”