Ha$h / Press

“Ha$h is always a welcome face to the rap round-up. Not only does the MC slightly resemble Rakim, he has an ease and swagger to his raps that make him seem authentic. “Game Ain’t the Same” is a video featuring Ha$h’s homies doing what they do; being about that life. I dig Ha$h because his rhymes come with no pretense. He discusses the change in the music game with ease and experience and it’s quite pleasant. The visuals of the city are gorgeous too. Watch below.”

“When you see Ha$h’s video for “Change Up,” you will understand pretty immediately he’s not the guy to run off at the mouth to. The other thing is that he can really, really rap. The bravado is obviously subject matter and tone, as the video contains a good bit of acting. Additionally, the beat is tight and the rhymes are brash, like we like them.”

“I represent for my city by being the voice of the people. I speak for the people that have made it out the struggle and the people still going through it. I am the voice for my people in prison , t he voice for those who are no longer with us and cannot be heard. I am bringing the realness back to h ip-h op by giving the people something they can relate to, and at the same time keep it fun. I AM HA$H! ”