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“Lovin' This Track: "Funky Cola" by Block35 feat. Thane. First thought: Shouldn't Christian Slater be riding a skateboard to this music in someone's empty swimming pool somewhere in the 80s? "Funky Cola" could definitely stand its ground alongside the entire Gleaming the Cube soundtrack or any number of teensploitation films of the era. (No surprise, of course, as their artist bio reads, "Through an inter-dimensional wormhole Block35 transmits the music from a parallel universe stuck between 1988 and 1992. The haunting soundtracks to its strange visions of a future that will never come.") A crisp, popping bass line bubbles through the song, and synth stabs reminiscent of the Pet Shop Boys (not to mention a rhythm track recalling the best of Technique-era New Order) bring this track to shimmering, syrupy life. "Funky Cola" is $1 (US) on BandCamp. If you like it, buy it.”

“Noted aficionado of yesteryear Block35 teams up with Thane for Carolina Blue, an LP existing somewhere at the intersection a Billy Ocean TV special and the credit roll of a Cinemax “erotic thriller.” The title track is a triumph of songwriting and powerful hooks delivered by Toronto vocalist Thane, who lends his skills to five of the six original tracks on here (two others are instrumental mixes). Block35 for his/her/their part has the atmospherics down pat: from the thunderous amphitheater drum hits to the hyper-compressed synths and cascade of chord progressions, this really could have slid off the soundtrack to Alan Rudolph’s Choose Me or some other film with highly stylized visuals, even by the plastic aesthetics of the ’80s. And the songwriting carries it through. At times, as with “Neon Lights,” it almost floats into freestyle – there’s a relentless positivity that would seem cloying if it weren’t for the supreme competence of everyone involved..."”

"Boasting a powerful, soulful voice that proudly showcases the influence of R&B greats like Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie and others, Toronto's Thane has won support and accolades from acclaimed DJ/Producers Paul van Dyk and Andi Durrant among hoards of others..."

“Really enjoyed the vibe you were going for on this track (Lady of Soho). Kind of has a disco, electropop feel to it. Keep up the great work!”

“Magic happened when rising star Spanish production duo Alexei & Carlos Kinn approached Canadian singer/songwriter Thane about lending his lyrics and vocals to their instrumental. From Alexei & Carlos’ production prowess and Thane’s song writing wizardry and soaring vocals emerged a new house music release with a truly international flavour called ‘When the Party is Over’, which was recently released on Bongo Tone Records (Gerald Henderson).”

"Will Try" Feedback from Markus Schulz (Global DJ Broadcast)

"Downloaded" Feedback from DJ Nick Fanciulli (Saved Records UK)

"Downloading Now!" 7.5/10 Rating Industry Feedback from Above&Beyond on "London Town (Joe De Simone Mix)"

““A Typical Commercial Tune! Yet well done!!! Keep it up!””

"OMG!!! Good remix by Joe de Simone!!! He used to be part of my label and we played together a couple of times, great guy and good work!!!! Full support!!!"

DJ Tenebrio - DJ Barometer

"Palace of Love" is a plausible album well worth a listen.

"Good release!" 7/10 Rating. Feedback from DJ Denis A. on Block 35 feat. Thane - Nightride

"Good Vocal Release!" Feedback by DJ Denis A (DAR) Rating 9/10

“Thane St. Andrew released his debut album Palace of Love in 2008, a collection of pop songs fused with a hint of neo-soul, followed by video “Walls”, in 2009, featuring the album’s fourth track. His music has received national and international radio play including Indie Mix Radio AM 1580 (Los Angeles, California), iRADIO LA (indie104.7FM) and more recently Toronto’s CHRY 105.5FM and CKUT 90.3 fm in Montreal. Thane also won the Toronto Exclusive Magazine Music Award in 2007.”

"Thane St. Andrew released his debut album Palace of Love in 2008, a collection of pop songs fused with a hint of neo-soul, followed by video “Walls”, in 2009, featuring the album’s fourth track."

" A plausible album that's well worth a listen."

“New Artist Spotlight - Thane St. Andrew”

“THANE ST. ANDREW – “Roller Coaster Love” Great mix of moods and tunes. Quick and consistent guitar riffs pump all kinds of energy making this a fun, summery, finger snappin' pop song that's not processed. Paired perfectly with a steady bass line and crashing drums, Thane metaphorically compares his love and life to rides at an entertainment park thus the name of the song “Roller Coaster Love.” You won’t be able to get the hook out of your head!”