Thad Fiscella / Press

"so the music has a gentle, peaceful flow, but his touch and the pieces are so beautiful that the music really deserves to be listened to with full attention."

"Love Without Words is Thad Fiscella’s third solo piano album of original compositions, and what a delight it is! Inspired by the love of family and friends as well as cherished memories of time spent with them, this album overflows with warmth, joy, and spiritual peace."

““When Leaves Fall.” Wistful and melancholy, this is a deeply emotional musical soliloquy where only heartfelt truths are spoken - stunning! “Vast” could very well be on my Favorites list for 2009. I give it my highest recommendation for solo piano music for relaxation - it’s a beauty!”

““Child In My Arms” is my favorite on this album. A sense of joy mixed with the awe one feels while holding an innocent child comes through the tender notes of the music. I’m reminded of Debussy’s approach to playing the piano as though it has no hammers - Fiscella has that kind of velvet tou”

“New Impromptus released today called Tri-Impromptus. These pieces were written and recorded on June 14, 2008 over a period of a few hours. These pieces express Thad's passion for music and the piano...”

“Quiet and reflective, the music relies more on emotional depth than pianistic flash, making it an excellent choice for background music as well as for active listening.”

““Remember Me” is a favorite. Somewhat nostalgic and bittersweet, a strong sense of longing pours out of every note and phrase. Fiscella’s use of rubato is especially effective here, making the piece sound very spontaneous and sincere”