The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit / Press

“I saw the album ended up as a tip (? have they been listening at all ?) in the Euro Americana Charts of November, that’s nice, but what I really think is that this band should get much more attention. They deserve it, and might I say that the real good-music-loving-die-hards deserve The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit”

“Unpolished, punk rock virility meets up with a western swing gal in a California small town whose slogan outshines the truth and where indie rockers and old cowboys are only separated by the space between two barstools.”

Deek Crustoveau - The Crustoveau

“.when you have the phrases 'Good Luck' and 'Thrift Store' in the same name, it's bound to have an interesting sound. And they sure as hell do. ...well rounded Roots/Americana/Folk/Country mix that leaves the listener ready for another round.”

N. Quevedo - The D Magazine

“This is real ‘country music’ with deeply embedded roots, played with huge skill, passion and commitment by a band at the top of their game! I would dearly love to write in praise of every song on this sublime album, almost having a guilty feeling about those not mentioned, but the idea of a review is to give the reader an impression of what awaits them and in the case of this recording that is a huge musical treat, maybe even the biggest of the year and certainly one of the biggest of this century so far!”

“Old Excuses is worth your time, worth the wait, worth the hassle to get, and worth way more than any monetary value you can name from the enrichment it will bestow to your musical life. Two guns way up!”