Texas Willie / Press

“Texas Willie's "Little Miss Goody Blue Shoes" hits Number 1 on the Blues Chart and Number 45 in All Genre's”

"That Little Thing You Do"...We found Texas Willie and well, we could make a whole cd or two of Texas Willie's Greatest hits. This is a great song.


"Great music! Love your sound! Will be back for more!"

Whiskey Hill on Reverbnation

"Great sound"

Russ Rhyne on Reverbnation

“Outstanding emotion and creativity in your music!!!”

John Revitte @ Reverbnation

"When I Was A Little Boy" Lovely moving song. Lyrics are lovely to follow. They wrap beautifully around the whole melody! Please listen!!!!!!

“Texas Willie Dominates The Blues Chart on Independent Artist Company with 14 Songs in the Top 25!”

“Texas Willie gets a great original sound on each song...Well Done!”

Byron Paul Tomingas

“Texas Willie's "Fried Chicken" is FINGER LICKIN' GOOD....Pass the potato salad please”

“truly excellent songs.. the Real Deal when it comes to doin' the blues...”

Pinedog Studios

"When I Was A Little Boy"--"A gentle song for gentle times. Thank you, Willie, for the magic carpet ride!"

"Comfortable Clothes--Truly a beautiful golden summer song of love..."

"The First Time I Met Ya"--"funny stuff with a 70s talkin' blues vibe/touch ala Elvis..."

"Texas Willie has such a nice style and it certainly shows here!"