Texas Microphone Massacre / Press

“Austin-based Texas Microphone Massacre describe themselves as ‘an ever-evolving sonic and visual experiment now in its third incarnation’, which seems about right to us.”

“The Texas Microphone Massacre . . . blend seemingly opposite genres and musical eras with such precision, you’d swear they abandoned them completely in favor of their own new and improved genre. Their website calls them “Mind Blowing Organic Electronica.” It’s true, they are mind blowing, there is a very organic and raw feeling to their music which, subsequently, features sensibilities of electronica. But, they are also so much more than that.”

“(Texas Microphone Massacre's) latest release, "Fantasy Rolodex", bubbles nicely with bits of hip hop, electro-sonic pop, screechy synths, and guitars; all slathered with V's unique, near-psychosis vocals. At the time of this writing, the LP's a freebie, so you should chase it down and snatch it up with the conviction of an pickax-wielding psychopath.”

“The record is deliciously dark and gritty, but the sound is clear, the songs all have their own identity and there are enough rock and poetry touches to keep listeners entertained for a long time.”

“Fantasy Rolodex . . . is a pretty amazing album. I don't think there is a bad track on it . . . All in all a pretty unique album. One I think that will be on my Winamp for quite a while.”