Tevita Lolomanaia / Press

“Hi Tevita....my name is Evangeline Haleck...love your music and its always a blessing to listen to your music...i am a worship leader...been singing all my life...i am samoan...my parents were superintendent for samoan AOG in American Samoa...i know your music brings joy and peace to millions of people's hearts...keep up the good work...and more anointing and blessings...God bless.”


“Brother in Christ we - The Believerz thank you for your encouraging music and backing tracks you've provided us the past two years that we've been able to share with our community and our people the word of God through your tremendous compositions! We praise God for your guidance and our connection through Christ! Happy new year brother!”

Sione Palavi

“Your songs !! remind me of why i have a heart for praising our Lord and the calling he has for my life!! thank you guys sooo much!!”


“Hi! Your music brings me so much joy! I love your songs they comfort me. Coming from my situation its a blessing that you share your talent.”

Septiquinn L. Vaiisioata Makisi

“Thank you for the Backing Tracks that allow us to perform your songs around Tonga...Thank Jesus for giving you to share your talent with us..The Believerz...May God continue to bless you with your gift so that you continue to spread his words and to touch our hearts and souls... 'Ofa atu brother”

Sione Palavi

“Tevita, Faafetai to your beautiful inspiring music. God bless you...”

Steve Peauvale

“i just love your beautiful music and inspiring us to know his glory,just want to let you know the youth at our church did an action song to "Ikuna" during our apitanga pekia and it was sooo wonderful,and also i love how you sing in tongan,which inspires the youth today”

Maze Po'oi Tongia

"Malo Tevita!! This is wonderful to share the Gospel through christian music. May God's Name Be Glorified!!! 'Ofa atu e."

Tapukitea Rokolekutu

"My dear brother, how are you? Im a missionary from South Africa and only recently heard your lovely, heartfelt music for the first time and was tremendously blessed!"

Maggie Hillocks

" I am a member of a Wesleyan Tongan Church here in Auckland NZ and fortunate enough to be one of the youth leaders of our youth. We LOVE using your songs and music for our action songs!"

Cece 'Uluaki

“Hello Tevita :) Doinq an action song to your song IKUNA :). Teacher askd us why? We told him because its just the song to end our fakame widd... :) Thankyou for such beautiful song.! God bless you .”

Ofa Mone

“my prayer that you continue declare his word to build His Kingdom and more people to make the right choice that The King of kings Will reign and rule their lives forever....ofa atu -:)”

Ofa Maafu

“WOW! your music is amazing! Truely a blessing! I was looking for a song for fakame and your songs are an AMAZING message i love the lyrics... t your music is TRUELY BEAUTIFUL ♥ God has blessed you with an amazing talent and he is working through you and your band! what a blessing ♥”

Eita Faletau

“Brother! Your songs is very touching. Loved every bits and pieces of the whole album. I've performed two of your songs "Me'e" and "Kelesi"...Sung it in our White Sunday! Your songs is beautiful...”

Sione Palavi

“Praise the LORD, Malo e hiva ke fk-langilangi'i 'a hotau 'Eiki huhu'i!!! keep the the Good job and spreading the word of life so the whole Universe can hear it out loud!”

Meiono Vuna

“Malo e lelei Dave fakafetaí he fakalangilangi óku fai ki hono huafa, í he taleniti óku ke fakakoloaáki kimautolu. Malo pea ke faiteunga ai pe ho kií famili í he mohu ó éne kelesi pea lave atu ai mo kimautolu óku mau fanongo ki ho ngaahi hiva fakalotolahi pea fakaófoófa maú pe.”

Semisi & Malia

“Hello...I so enjoy your music! I am doing a study on Tonga tonight at my church..I will be sharing your music as part of the lesson..God Bless you and your family.”

Terry Modlin

“mean songs bro...keep it up.......heals my soul. in the name of Jesus increase in all areas!!! Amen”


“I've used your music as an inspirational outreach to my youth, thank you for sharing such a beautiful talent! keep up the great work!”


“On the contrary ! I thank you for your discipline of the Word of God.... So I may be blessed .. I have been listening to the beautiful songs .."oku ou tui".. (On repeat ).. Really powerful .. God bless you ! And keep up the great job!”

Via Maealiuaki

“Hey Tevita just want to put it out to you , your music is the bomb dot com ,loves it ,keep doing what you do and praise god for he is good . god bless you .”

Mele Boog Funaki

“Hi there I proudly to say you one and mostly of Tongan I can see talent when I see one and you one of it on my list I like everyone of your songs I hope we can work together some days keep the music live..”