Tetrad Band / Press

“I would like to send out a special thank you Randy and the band for the awesome show during the Blues, Brews and BBQ event at the Knights of Columbus. You guys ROCK! and have gained a bunch of new fans. Thanks for you hard work.”

Jon Feebak - Blues Brew and BBQ - K of C

“Everyone @ the ALLEY CAT enjoyed having you and the band ROCK the HOUSE and look forward to the next time! Thanks again!”

“Tetrad's Spirited Rock -N- Blues will keep you mesmerized all night long. One of the most talented bands to grace the stage at River City... YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS IT!!”

“Great sound and the Guitar cannot be beat! Whether it was the Classic or Southern Rock, Tetrad did not disappoint! The play songs by ZZ Top, BB King, Jimi Hendrix, and SRV and the Beatles (Just to name a few of my personal favorites) I really love the blues and Tetrad does a great job at getting the feeling with their music! Their Ability to perform all 3 Styles of music is amazing and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is a fan of Classic Rock Southern Rock and/or the blues!!!”

“Tetrad is by far one of, if not our favorite bands at the Driftwood! The quality of music they play is amazing, and the mix of classic rock, and a touch of blues, keeps you listening set after set. We love how interactive they are with the crowd, and could not ask for a better band to deal with when booking dates!”

“I now realize that when I come to a Randy Springer show I am entering a world of entertainment that you have created with all your special effects and lighting system. It is almost as if I am transported to Randy's creation for a few hours only to return back to reality as I leave the building...very nice..very special and unique. Had a great time and looking forward to the next one!!”

Greg Leipham - What a great, meaningful and sincere compliment!!

“Stephanie Barrett: Thank you guys! We love having you all up to play, and appreciate all of the "bending over backwards" that YOU do for US! You are all amazing!! Thanks again!!”

Stephanie Barrett - Driftwood Bar and Grill

“Love your sound! The thing is, you're doing stuff I'm familiar with, but you're doing a better job than anybody else I've run into that cover that material! If you read my bio, you'll see I hung out with Jimi and the guys and I want to tell you, he would have really admired you. Please go and join Duane Hitchings on reverb. He also has a MySpace page where he has unreleased Hendrix material 'cause he played B3 for him. Great job !!”

Monica Dupont - Awesome compliment from Monica Dupont!!!

“What a GREAT SUNDAY ON THE DECK! Tetrad was amazing & rain did not stop them! LOTS of new faces along with the familiar ones this weekend! Great weekend despite the weather! THANK YOU ALL FOR COMING TO HANG OUT AT DRIFTWOOD WITH US!! HAVE A SAFE AND HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! ”

“Enjoyed every minute of it! You guys are great! Thank you! We will have you back!”

Driftwood Bar and Grill - Jammin at the Driftwood :)

“Great song selection. All the band members are excellent players. Thanks for letting me get up and mess up a couple of tunes. It's not often I can get out and watch other Rockers rip it up. Thanks for the Fun!!!”

Ron Nauman - SydeFX Band / Hub's Inn