Tessie "Enchanted MusicBox" / Press

“You are absolutely welcome. Your work is just simply sublime, that I can only further my appreciation my pressing the watch button. There definitely seems to be a certain amount of wonder and magic within your work....one that struggle to hold within my own. The music album is truly breath taking, as well as whimsical.... I just simply adored it. I can not wait to see what else you may have in store, within your realm of your own imagination...... as dreamers. I too hope you too enjoyed my pieces, as much as I did yours....... and remember to always dream within the heart........”

Dreamwithintheheart~Cynthia Diaz - deviantART

“I'm currently giving your music a listen and I gotta say that I love the ethereal feel that comes with most of the songs and the haunting tone your beautiful voice adds just amazes me! While I love just about everything I've heard (haven't heard everything yet but I'm getting there) I think the song I love most is Pillow Rose because it gives the feeling of being out for a walk in a comforting rain when a new story begins by following a mysterious figure through dark alleys and down a rabbit hole. Desert Moon makes me think of the Legend of Zelda series and feels like it would fit right in. I Will Never Leave You is both haunting and yet comforting, sorrowful and yet beautiful at the same time with a sincere sense of longing that makes my heart ache. All your songs seem to share a haunted longing and (in a strange way).”

Telzin1924 - deviantART

"Fantastic talent.you have such a clear,true to note voice.it also sounds just pretty.GREAT!!"

Tim-Tim James Band - ReverbNation

"Your absolute talent and genius in your tracks is amazing. I could spend a lot of time here to listen and will come back."

Eston pound and Trilby Station - ReverbNation

"Your voice and music are absolutely magical. So beautiful on everything and I'll be listening a lot."

Delaney Simpson - ReverbNation

"Great, dreamlike sceneries you are building in your songs! Enjoyed listening to them. - Best wishes"

Firn - ReverbNation

"Lighthouse" really took me places. Very atmospheric and oceanic."

The Black Rose - ReverbNation

"Here Comes the Bride" - Love the voice and performance.. much success and enjoy the ride - B ( Excellent Piano )"

Bernie Landry - ReverbNation

""Pillow Rose" rain gently falling with celestial dream-like melody! Brilliant Tessie!"

Ecologyngle - ReverbNation

"♦☼ Hiii Tessie , Had to stop by and show my support and Friendship here on Reverbnation. Pillow Rose must be felt by the ears all starts with a beautiful energy this is bottled up Brilliance xx!! Pleasures, success and blessings - Your Musical Friend!! ♦☼ Bernie ♦☼"

Bernie- Brio'con - ReverbNation

"Your voice is wonderful! I'm very inspired here, for real :) Please keep in touch :)"

Hannah's Defense - ReverbNation

"Here Comes the Bride"...love the music box style opening Tessie!! Very nice!"

Ashbury - ReverbNation

"Great ideas! Really dig Pillow Rose. Very cool and impressionistic."

Paul Kriege - ReverbNation

"What an Inspiration! It's very fairytale-ish ;D and unique! I Love it so much!! I'm glad to stumble upon your page! Its a privilege! Thank you!"

Joanna Q Dustfingernail - ReverbNation

"This is wonderful work, full of imagination and creativity....you're a talented girl Tessie...Best wishes."

Paul-Eamon Ireland and Paul Dunn Music - ReverbNation

"Put on your music, close my eyes and pictures and movies are flowing thru my head. Who needs tv when you are around."

Aze - ReverbNation

"tessie i like your composition 'lighthouse' :)

Emily-MuchLoveFromLondon - ReverbNation

"very pretty music, glittering and shimmering piano work on "bride" and charming, sweet melodic work with "pillow rose"..really enjoying the emotional, spiritual truth you bring to your music."

Mike White Presents - ReverbNation

"How enchanted is me when I listen to thee!❤❤❤"

Le Mystique - ReverbNation

"Brilliant arrangement & a very soothing voice.. Loved it!!!!"

Guru ^McL^ - ReverbNation

"Tessie, you are a gifted composer- and arranger. Well done!"

Simonton Bridge - ReverbNation

"Wow Tessie! You're gifted, and your music is magical and visionary. You should really score a movie, you have the insight and talent. Danny Elfman has nothing on you! Best wishes ~ Jeff"

Jeffro Bodeen - ReverbNation

"great music and vibe keep up the amazing soundscapes up respect"

David Flow - ReverbNation

"Great songs and great voice! great production too!"

Rens Hensen - ReverbNation

"Absolutely beautiful piano playing and singing Tessie. Is the song Here comes the Bride for your upcoming wedding? Yes i actually read people bio's.. amazing ain't it.. LOL"

Kenny Heroux - ReverbNation

"Lovely vocal ,music is awesome.love your concept and style. All the best Truly enchanting"

dontrotta - ReverbNation

"Tessie, this is beautiful, artistically inspired music...you have an ethereal sense of melody and you perform each song with the intensity of someone singing it for the first time..absolutely brilliant...Your performance of the beautiful song "I will Never Leave You" is outstanding Tessie. Quality songwriting, sound production and arrangement...you deserve AAA+"

Paul Dunn/Songwriter - ReverbNation

"Your wonderful music took me onto a journey into a different dimension altogether....mesmerizing. I am chilled and thrilled completely."

RS Mahmood - ReverbNation

"Listening to the beautiful elements of your voice and music. A pleasure to be here! Have a wonderful journey. :)"

FemArtNYC/songwriter - ReverbNation

"Hi Tessie,, What a delightful musical journey you took me on today,, Just beautiful... Love your voice and that piano,,, HAPPY EASTER sweetheart,,, BFF Love, Bonnie"

Bonnie McGill - ReverbNation

"Hello Tessie .. enjoying enchantment - nice use of 'space' - great work :)"

WILD&WELSH - ReverbNation

"Nice melody on "I Will Never Leave You",it comes from your heart.....nice. I wish u all the best Tessie,God bless."

Claudio/Composer - ReverbNation

"If your big star bound, let me warn you right now: It's a long, hard ride"

David Allen Coe - ReverbNation

"Beautiful music, Tessie!!! Love your sensibility. Kind vibes from Marisol, Argentina :)"

Alan Bay - ReverbNation

"Such lovely masterpieces you've created here! Quite enchanting! Keep up the great work! "

Sal-Salariatus - ReverbNation

"Tessie I love your arrangements and soundscapes.. Enjoyed Lighthouse the most, it created a mystical enchanting vibe.. Your a great musician and composer"

Jonathan Tambe - ReverbNation

""Here Comes the Bride " ...if I should marry once more ..only with this song ! So amazing and wonderful :-) ! Thank you for the music. Dear wishes,Leon*

LeonB. - ReverbNation

"You sing with passion and soul. Here Comes The Bride shows your true talent. Love, Judy Shire xx"

Judy Shire - ReverbNation

"Beautiful vocals and lyrics on "Here Comes the Bride!" I love your artwork as well :). Very magical sound on "Enchantment"; love it! The feel on "Pillow Rose" is truly magical! I feel like I'm in the woods at the dawn of a new day, looking for something that I've almost forgotten about... Very inspiring music!"

Jaron Davis - ReverbNation

"Very beautiful and enchanting music! Really nice vocals and instruments. Keep up the good work."

Brandon Fiechter - ReverbNation

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Tessie. Love your musical ideas and totally share your love of old tales. Really like your pictures too, especially the Snow Queen.

Barbara Hills - ReverbNation

"I really enjoyed The Lighthouse and The Pillow Rose. They are both magical, mystical, and enchanted. I see the influence of movie scores. It seems you have an ability for turning imagination into sound."

Don Simpson-classical guitarist - ReverbNation