Tess Henley / Press

“She has this rich, robust and mature voice that fills the room. Some singers find themselves constantly competing with the instruments, but Tess has a power and dynamic quality to her vocals which easily make even the hearty brass lines seccumb and support her.”

“With the mixture of soul, jazz, funk and R & B, and an incredibly strong voice, Tess Henley hits all the right notes.”

“This may be our first time posting anything about songstress Tess Henley, but after hearing her sing it won't be the the last time that she graces the pages of SoulBounce.”

“[...] When I decided to check out her website, my mind was definitely blown. She’s got an old-school style that I can definitely rock to, and the fact that she’s relatively low-key with such talent is actually quite scary [...] I’m looking forward to what else Tess has planned for the future.”

“I mean, anyone with a great set of pipes that can wrangle Dice Raw and the Grammy-nominated Khari Mateen to produce jazz and R&B-informed records, clearly has their head on straight.”

“The soundscape is perfectly set up for her right now, and I have little doubt that she will make her mark.”

“I was really impressed with the vocal range and soulful sounds that are draped over all of her music.”

“A fusion of great musicianship, creativity, passionate songwriting and superb vocal abilities…Tess Henley is well on her way!!!”

“With a reflective honesty in her voice, Tess creates a warm charm that attracts you to her talent. If you don’t believe me, take a listen for yourself then buy it when you find out I’m right!”

“Seattle soul-popstress Tess Henley’s “Daydreaming” grabbed us immediately with it’s insanely good Stevie-Wonder-school-of-songwriting brand of melody. [...] Great song.”

“Having the ability to utilize a wide range of vocals, this young woman is a powerhouse of a singer. Her version of "What You Won't Do For Love" simply blew me away. Tess successfully put a spin on the old favorite like none I've ever heard. The jazzy upbeat tempo had me sitting there having a foot-tapping good time.”

"Finely tuned musician...Soulful & Effortless."

"Superb lyrics in a soulful dress..HIGHLY recommended."

"Ought to be winning the likes of X Factor or American Idol."

"Draped in luscious harmonies, it's truly infectious"

"Shows remarkable maturity & focus"

"The sky is truly the limit for this young lady."

“Full-throated vocals sound mature, passionate & believable.”


"Really impressed with the vocal range & soulful sounds draped all over her music."

"Are you kidding me? These kids are NOT from Seattle." About Tess and her brother, Carson.

Don O'Neill - KIRO 97.3FM - The Ron & Don Show

“Like waking up after a great night's sleep, spring sun beams thru fresh leaves & you feel like a million euros. The nightingale singing that morning can be Tess for me every time.”

"Henley goes where her heart leads her, & her vocals and lyrics will have a lot of listeners wanting to follow."

“If Alicia Keys retires, Tess is ready to grab the mic and the keys. Tess’ music will take you back to true R&B and make Alicia want to go practice. ”