Terry Scott Taylor / Press

“On his last solo outing, the 1998 Beatles-meet-the-90s masterpiece John Wayne, Daniel Amos frontman Terry Taylor took shots at spiritually bankrupt Orange County, as well as topics ranging from the Christian music industry to personal hypocrisy. This year’s Avocado Faultline covers many of the same topics, but instead of talking from an outsider’s perspective, Taylor has chosen to get inside the heads of his characters in a Flannery O’Connor-esque fashion. Avocado Faultline is, for the most part, finger-picked acoustic country music, with the rather strange (but still appropriate) additions of mellotrons, accordions and chimes, as well as the more typical country instruments like pedal steel and Hammond B-3. It’s worthwhile to note that fellow Silent Planet artist Phil Madeira, who definitely proves his versatility, played most of the auxiliary instruments. The Spirit of Avocado Faultline is classic Terry Taylor: funny, heartbreaking and convicting, all at the same time.”

Michial Farmer - The Phantom Tollbooth

“Exploring a broad spectrum of music that blends country, gospel, folk, rock, lounge, and bluegrass, Terry Scott Taylor sits down and tells stories with striking honesty and a wit that only a seasoned veteran in music can express. Take a quick flip through the album’s liner notes and you’ll recognize beautifully laid-out sheets that accent Taylor’s exploration through time into the past and rich tradition of America. In his explanations you learn of the songs connection to Los Angeles, paying homage to one of the most intriguing cities in the world, where he has called home for most of his life. Whoever you try to compare him to though, in the end there’s only one Terry Taylor. ”

Matthew Ralph - TangZine.com

“The high musical quality [found in Avocado Faultline] is no surprise. Avocado Faultline is somewhat of a concept album, the songs built around Los Angeles and Orange County (where Taylor grew up and resides)...something both I and my grandfather would sit around and dig.”

Joel Thomas - VagrantCafe.com