Terry Smith Trio / Press

“killer man!”

R Rhodes - Fbook

“Terry, this was awesome. I wish I could have been in the "surround" zone instead of the dungeon for it. Great job!”

M Matlack - Fbook


W Roof - Fbook

“This was so awesome I'm glad you posted it so we could relive the performance!!”

E Hulen - Fbook

“Thanks for sharing the new tune... Time To Go. Man, I was really getting into the groove and it's sooo bluesy smooth. It takes you away to another place, love it! Nice acoustic melodies too, really works well with the song, and also enjoyed reading about the recording process and gear. ”

T Rickertson - Fbook

“just got a listen to all, and favorite is "straight". damn fine job on the guitar, and the vocals are ok, and liked "mustang sally" best of the two vocal tracks.”

R Callahan - Reverbnation

“hey, that was damn impressive. hope to make out to a show sometime. best wishes. shawn ”

s lock - Reverbnation

“Nice clip Terry! Cheers, Alan”

Alan Merrill - Fbook

"Man, have you ever heard Terry Smith live, he is probably the best blues player I've heard locally or in the area!"

T Rickertson - Fbook

“Man, great job this weekend! Hope you had a good time playing. I loved watching you shift through various styles and gears for the different songs.”

T Rickertson - Fbook

“#1 Best Local Blues for 40 wks!”