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Terry Quiett Band / Press

“Taking Sides, from the Terry Quiett Band and it's a blast! Opening withCome The Morning, a rockin' blues stomper featuring Missippi Hal Reed on harp, the band gets the blood flowing and Quiett wastes no time whipping out the resophonic for some cool sliding. Boogie track Nothing At All has a lot of bottom from Rodney Baker (drums) and Nathan Johnson (bass). This track is a hot ride and one of the rockinest tracks on the release. Cut The Rope has some of that southern blues rock swagger with smokin guitar riffs and hammering drums. What's not to like! Wheelhouse Blues has a standard 12 bar format allowing the band to get into full blues swing. Quiett has a slide signature all his own which in my listening is a compliment in itself. His vocal work on this track, well complimented by the smoothness of his sliding is very appealing. Voodoo Queen opens with an intro by Johnson and electric piano work by Scott Williams. Read full review at link”

“They do it doubly right on their latest, Taking Sides. They rock and slide their way through twelve blues-to-rock-to-soul beauties, capturing that feel of the early Allman Brothers here and Stevie Ray there but always with a look to the rhythm--- the rhythm of the blues. That rhythm varies, track to track. They rock, these guys, enough to plant people against their seats in a theater setting and more than enough to get people on their feet in a club. They roll, thanks to drummer Rodney Baker, who is solid if not flashy, and bassistNathan Johnson, whose fluid fingers trip over the strings lightly when necessary, with force when called for. The real key, though, is the guitar and voice of Quiett himself. He has a bit of the South in his voice but never lets it overpower the song, and oh, that guitar! Quiett runs the gamut from sweet and smooth to uplifting to downright raucous without skipping a beat. He bends strings, works the slide and coaxes notes from the guit”

“LUCKY BAG TERRY QUIETT BAND/Taking Sides: If there was any lingering doubt, erase it. This crew has fully arrived. Kicking things off with the kind of choogling boogie blues that electrifies your hair endings and fries your synapses, Quiett is now leading the blues power trio to beat. A monster of an unfettered frat party run wild, you can just picture this crew providing the juice in the middle of a power outage in the middle of the American night. Hard hitting, killer stuff that shows others just how it’s done. Killer stuff.”

Chris Spector - Midwest Record

“The latest release from the Terry Quiett Band,Taking Sides, is an eclectic mix of hard-hard hitting rockers, soulful ballads, and gorgeous minor gems, featuring Quiett’s impressive guitar chops punctuated by a crisp horn section, a rock-solid rhythm section, and some tasty blues harp. The first half of the record sounds like vintage Terry Quiett: hard-hitting blues-rockers. Quiett plays and sings with attitude, and the tracks are, for the most part, enjoyable. That being said, the first half of the record is essentially what one would expect of Quiett; it does not surprise, amaze, or disappoint. However, starting with a nice ballad in “A Fool Should Know,” the album turns over a new leaf. The second half of the record is filled with spacey minor blues numbers, ballads, and is just dripping with soul. However, this is still Terry Quiett, so the tracks are still full of energy, passion, and attitude.”

“As I listened to Taking Sides I was more and more intrigued. There are those contemporary bands that have an undying love for the music and its history. The Terry Quiett Band is one such band. While the style has changed as it must to capture the younger crowd, there is a deep-seated reverence for the past. With ten albums und, Quiett has shown that he is here to stay. A scorching hot guitarist, Terry is part of a trio with Rodney Baker on drums and Nathan Johnson on bass. Throw in the aid of a few friends and the band rounds out their sound rather nicely. All of the tunes with the exception of Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” were written by Terry. This band plays with power and a passion that cuts through to the heart. From driving blues rock numbers to soulful ballads that not only touch the heart but, more or less, caress it tenderly. Check out the rest of the review at this link”

“Review highlights of the NEW release Taking Sides on Lucky Bag Records..."Electric blues and rock fans searching for a new guitar hero need look no further than Terry Quiett, roaring from the heartland like a tornado on his latest, greatest release." "continues the musical onslaught, revealing Quiett as the new “King of the Slide,” with chilling commentary" "while building drama to the uplifting choruses. Johnson and Baker provide unexcelled support and a groove that will not quit" "The undulating, funky" "his spectacular, unleashed, extended solo a centerpiece speaking wordless volumes about loss and regret in a devastatingly emotional performance..." "Terry Quiett has created a modern masterpiece of scarifying, testifying, exulting blues, every track an exciting, inspiring musical statement that embeds itself in the mind and body. Talent this extraordinary only comes along every so often."”

Dave (Doctor Blues Man) Rubin Award winning Blues Guitar Magazine writer - Blues Artist Review

"Proof a live band needs to kick it out in a live setting. The rising blues power trio brings the energy and soul to the stage and the crowd responds enthusiastically in anything but a polite way. Hot and heavy, playing like they mean it, this is sure to make any geezer want to relive their college days the next time they turn off the car radio to avoid one more flavor of the month that's already melting. Hot stuff."

Chris Spector - Midwest Record

"No amount of technique can ever make up for a lack of passion or commitment to the music. Terry Quiett has an extraordinary amount of each to generously share with his many loyal fans. It is a rare harmonic convergence not to be missed."

Dave Rubin - Guitar Player Magazine

"Wow... these guys are hot. He's a strong singer and wrings the neck of the guitar till it cry's out for Mama. He doesn't sound like he's trying to copy anyone...it's a special quality some people are just born with. There have only been a few concerts in town in the past year that I have missed that I should have seen and this is one of them. Terry Quiet Band puts on a good show that this recording amply demonstrates that. "

"...one of the hottest power-trio outfits on the scene today. They successfully mix the blues of the Delta with the psychedelia of the Sixties...it's apparent that Terry Quiett is ready for much bigger things in the blues world, and "Just My Luck" is an excellent starting point!!!"

Sheryl & Don Crow - Nashville Blues Society Newsletter

" Just my Luck" is in the Top 100 played albums of 2011".

Roots Music Report

"Just My Luck is clearly a big step towards "Stardom". The fact is that this is a mature work. Anyone who seeks blues full of variety without having clichés of most productions is in the right place."

Ronny Bervoets - Rootstime

"...Quiett's talent not just as a guitar slinger, but writer too . . . indeed the trio have a lot more going for them than some 'power trios', with a lot of 'light and shade' on offer." - Grahame Rhodes, bluesinthenorthwest.com

Grahame Rhodes - Blues in the Northwest

"It takes a lot of fire and passion to express yourself musically in the power trio format - and there's some big shoes to fill. Hendrix, Cream, ZZ Top, Rush - not too many slouches in the bunch. Well, for the Terry Quiett Band, the shoes seem to fit quite comfortably. Powerful, expressive guitar, and varied and poignant song writing (all the songs are by Terry Quiett), coupled with the spot on rhythms of bassist Aaron Underwood and drummer Rodney Baker deliver a powerful and pleasing Blues based package that's sure to please. The Terry Quiett Band has successfully entered into the elite company of musical trios of years past."

BarrelHouse Blues

"Blues/rock fans will love this release. It's a well-rounded, well-played set and Quiett has the makings of a future star with his formidable writing, playing, and singing skills."

Graham - Friday Blues Fix

"I think when the end of 2011 rolls around, those fortunate enough to have heard the Terry Quiett Band's new disc, Just My Luck, will agree with me that this disc is one of the gems of the year. Great songwriting, outstanding musicianship and the amazing talents of producer Jim Gaines all contribute to making Just My Luck a great disc. This is one CD that will find its way back into my CD player time and again."

Kyle Diebler - Blues Bytes

"...an infectiously intriguing mixture of coolly aloof, Jazzy rich slowburning Blues; entwined with soul filled sweaty, muscular riffs and achingly raw slide. A very fine performance by all and a very fine album."

Brian Harman - Blues Matters

"As a recording and mastering engineer I get to hear lots of new albums. While working on the Terry Quiett Band Just My Luck master, I found myself really enjoying those songs, a nice combination of catchy, sharp song writing and top notch musicianship. This is one of the finest albums that has come across my mastering desk in a while." -Blaise Barton, JoyRide Studios, Chicago, IL

Blaise Barton,JoyRide Studios, Chicago, IL - Studio Review..

"...shows that blues/rock power trios can adapt to the 21st century without relying on clichés by adding the versatility needed to deal with today's genre bending times. Fun beer blast music that'll get every middle aged white running to get his air guitar out of its case so he can jam." -Chris Spector, Midwest Record Review

Chris Spector - Midwest Record Review

"From the opening groove of "Karma" you're hooked...All in all, this is a keeper. I suspect that I'll be hearing a lot more about the Terry Quiett Band." -Melissa Martinez, Rock Over America

Melissa Martinez - Rock Over America

"There's the rawness and beauty of windswept plains and harsh weather in his unvarnished sounding vocals. Lucky in love hasn't been the hand dealt to Quiett, but we're fortunate to hear the musical result." -Doug Hill, The Norman Transcript

-Doug Hill, - The Norman Transcript

"Just My Luck is clearly a big step towards "Stardom". The fact is that this is a mature work. Anyone who seeks blues full of variety without having clichés of most productions is in the right place." -Ronny Bervoets , www.rootstime.be, Belgium (Quotes translated by Google - Read full review in Dutch)

Ronny Bervoets ,Belgium - www.rootstime.be

"...beautiful guitar work...the solos speak volumes a la Clapton and Larry Carlton...this guy makes wonderful compositions and can sing beautifully. Yes for me a big surprise this album, check it out." -Frank van Engelen, Bluesmagazine.nl, The Netherlands (Quotes translated by Bing - Read full review in Dutch)

Frank van Engelen, The Netherlands - Bluesmagazine.nl

“This band was made to make you cry, laugh, dance, scream, jump, juke, jive, hustle, bustle, and fall in love, all on the same evening...the kind of experience you can only gain through a touring, live band. ”

Independent Review

“Take the steely blues guitar sound from Stevie Ray Vaughn, match it with the rhythmic bass and drumming of Golden Earring and you get the Terry Quiett Band and one heck of a show. ”

“A slow blues/rock song ala Johnny Lang, Derek Trucks, Stevie Ray, and The Black Crowes, that puts all the elements of the genre; soulful singing, laid back rhythms, and stinging, crying in your beer, guitar licks,in perfect harmony with one another.”

Sole2Heart,Jessup, Pennsylvania - Public Review by Garage Band.com

“The Terry Quiett Band and the CD "Cut the Rope" It's always refreshing for me to hear a unique Sound, a Tone that makes you wanna jump up and hit the Dance Floor...A Tone that dives Deep to the Soul of the Matter and The Terry Quiett Band gives me that. Terry Quiett is on the launching Pad!”

JaBeaux The Friday Afternoon Club 1pm MST Gumbo YaYa Friday Mornings - KVNF Home Grown Community Radio kvnf. org

“CUT THE ROPE. Gawdamighty this CD is hot. If heaven is a blues bar,then TQB will be the house band. TQB evokes some of the classic rock and blues greats Clapton, Walter Trout, Robin Trower,Stevie Ray. Another round of beer here. Then put on TQB as loud as it can go and let me just plain enjoy.”

Cap'n Barney ODD ROCK WMHB 89.7 FM in Maine - WMHB 89.7 FM in Maine

“With a tone reminicient of Cream,Cut the Rope begins with a tuff hook that carries the song throughout. Displayed excellent use of vocals that had a good blues rock quality and the perfect chemistry for this band.Will no doubt entertain a crowd.Put this on the set list just like it is! ”

fubillt from Gainesville, Georgia - Musicians review from GarageBand.com