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“Terry Holder is a finalist in the 2014 International Song Writing Competition!”


“TERRY HOLDER'S new CD "Flowers at Midnight," is now available as a pre-release! The new CD has 13 songs including the award winning songs "Peter Pan" and "Superman's Wife." You can purchase the CD at terryholder.com and also download individual songs!”

“If you haven’t paid attention to the music of Terry Holder, slap yourself, hard. That’s pretty much how I felt when I first listened to her. What amazes me about Terry Holder is her ability to write songs that are so different in sound, but so true to talent.”

“Colored Rooms” Holder’s knack for songwriting and a distinctive voice carry the record. Terry sprinkles her songs with fifty-cent words and gets away with it, “Interrogated by your own Conscience, harboring heartache,” this is the stuff that ordinary people can barely say, let alone sing.”

Anchorage Press

““Am I Here, Is This Me” - Some words to describe the Anchorage singer and acoustic guitarists impressive debut CD: pretty, tender, breathy, sweet. Holder offers lots of gentle gems here. The opening track, “Twilight Love”, had me listening over and over.”

Anchorage Daily News

“Terry Holder ingratiates herself straight into our hearts with her 3rd release called “Ticket To The Moment.” This album has it all. 12 Tracks of sheer heaven. Terry Holder has the voice of an angel and proves it in no uncertain terms. Long have we waited for a female singer of her magnitude. She moves easily through genres of Pop, Folk, and Americana with just a kiss from Country. Her expertise is quite astounding. The level of songwriting is superb, taking you the listener deep within the lyrics. Terry's soft, sultry vocal draws you in and lives within your soul. Just as easily, Terry can make your blood boil with excitement and the urge to dance. It is a rare thing when an artist is this generous on one album. Ticket To The Moment is filled from cover to cover with songs you will feel connected to. This is one of "those" albums. You know the ones I mean. It will stand the test of time. It is one of THE best albums I have heard this year. Do yourself a favor, grab it toda”

"Ticket to the Moment," 2008 The lovely C# minor guitar arpeggio that opens "Cross Your Mind" makes a statement. Throughout, this record will have no fear of being pretty. In an album where most everyone is falling in or out of love, there's little new to say, but all the loveliness proves more than enough to keep this disk in the player. The highlight of the record is a revelatory cover of Phil Everly's "When Will I Be Loved." I always considered the versions we've heard before -- even the Brothers' -- a bit too jaunty. In this down-tempo take, just the knife on strings slide is enough to make you weep let alone Holder's sultry-sad vocals. "Satellite's" shimmering twelve-string Rickenbacker suggests someone's a Byrds fan. This track should come with a warning label: when Ms. Holder coos, "Let's drink fine red wine in my living room," some listeners will find themselves combing their hair and donning their snazziest outfits. © David Kleiner