Terri Hendrix / Press

“The common perception of the lullaby is that of a simple, gentle tonic before sleep. But conceptually, the lullaby emerges from darker matter. They’re sung for reassurance, which implies a certain anxiety, before entering a state of uncertainty. That explains why so many old school lullabies are creepy. Others are bluntly honest. Place Terri Hendrix’s “Love You Strong” in the latter category. The song’s foundation rests in reassurance, seemingly from one elderly person to his or her spouse, though that strong connective tissue is hardy enough to bind people of any age. “I’m in it for the good times, I’m in it for the bad times,” she sings. Too often that balance isn’t addressed. But Hendrix’s song is built upon it. “Love You Strong” serves as more than the title song of Hendrix’s new album. It feels like a mission statement for the first of several releases (four albums and a book) that the Texas singer-songwriter plans to issue this year ..."”

“Nearly 20 years after the release of her debut album, Two Dollar Shoes, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Terri Hendrix is about to unveil the most ambitious project of her career. In fact, it’s not just one, but five — four albums and a book — all of which will debut in 2016. Titled Project 5, the event begins with the release of Love You Strong, on her own Wilory Records label. Though each segment of Project 5 is distinct, they’re linked by their relationship to the concepts of love, hope, faith and understanding. Love You Strong explores issues of trust, loyalty and conviction, while putting love under a microscope. On her first album since 2010’s Cry Till You Laugh, she thoroughly exposes her heart, while delivering emotional truths that resonate universally. Love You Strong’s title track, already a highlight of her live shows, was inspired by her father’s selfless devotion as her mother’s caregiver.”

““Terri is a truly self-made woman. With 12 albums in release on her own label since 1996, she makes me jealous. Playing mostly in the Texas-Louisiana cradle, she eventually moved on out and has traversed the US many times now. I love this track [“Slow Down”] – great song with a fine backing track featuring plenty of mandolin (one of my fave instruments).””

"Part of the beauty of Terri Hendrix’s music is she’s among the best at recognizing, writing about and celebrating resilience and common ground, the things we can all cry, and laugh, about.”

“Best bet is early Saturday, where you can get an autographed copy of Terri Hendrix's terrific new book "Cry Till You Laugh- The Part That Ain't Art," which is equal parts spiritual and practical... it's honest, funny, useful, revelatory and moving. Well worth the wait. ”