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“WOW! It is delightful and a great pleasure to listen to your tuneful, harmonious, moving and fascinating songs. You have such a strong, pure, pleasant, beautiful and very impressive vocal. Just AMAZING! I like to thank you so much for your musical friendship which I really appreciate so much. All the best wishes and good luck from a Danish fan and artist, Keld Sand”

Keld Sand

“Grammy Award Winning Producer Doc Holiday and his Legendary "A" team came back into the studio with vengeance when they reunited at Quad Studios in Nashville for the month of August to begin recording the historic album "DOUG KERSHAW, HIS MUSIC, HIS LEGENCY" Featuring guest appearances, by Charlie Daniels, George Jones, Willie Nelson, Marty Stuart, Shooter Jennings and Lou Christie. Also on the bill that were recorded at QUAD in August were "THE NEW BREAKOUT ARTISTS OF MEGA INTERNATIONAL RECORDS" Savannah Bleu, April Turpin, Kevin Platt, TERRI G, Alma Sibley, Robin Lee Field, Nash and the Ramblers and William "Deuce" Hurlett. Look for Terri G's new song, "I Could Have Walked Away." Available on iTunes”

“By Alyssa Smith Staff Writer Posted Sep 19, 2010 @ 11:54 PM For Norton singer/songwriter “Terri G,” it seemed improbable that taking a break from her career to raise children would help her break into the national Christian music scene. In 2003, Terri released the album, titled “From the Heart” Her music received a good amount of positive feedback from record companies. Later, Terri went around the nation in order to secure a deal with one of them. “Kenny Rogers’ producer even wanted to sign me,” Terri told the Gazette. Terri was eventually signed to Tate Enterprise, a Christian music and literature production company out of Oklahoma. In October 2009, Terri recorded a full-length album titled “I Will Sing.” Terri officially released her album on Sept. 7 of this year. Though the album is heavily influenced by her Christian background, Terri says the album appeals to a much wider audience. ”

“Terri G has a pop, country and easy listening style to her music. She has a large fanbase in the USA and has done gigs for charities and prisons too. Visit her On Facebook”

“By Kelly Mello, Staff Writer posted Dec. 8, 2010."Norton used to be a very quaint town, very small. Thirty years later, it just got so big," said singer and songwriter Terri G. The Stoughton high School graduate moved to Norton 30 years ago. With three adult children, ages 27,22 and 20, Terri G is now fulfilling her dream to be a famous musician. "I'm not sure my style of music is amusing to the kids "Terri laughed. "But they are very happy for me." In addition to Christian songs, Terri has songs written for her husband and kids. "I continue to write like Amy Grant," she said. "I catch a wider audience than just the Christian community." "I love to write about stories and people's lives, you know, things like that." Terri's age is not an obstacle to her. She still strives to make it in the big time.”