Terra Stigma / Press

“More Brilliant song writing & exciting execution of high powered Rock 'N' Roll.”

Adam Zawislak - Steel 93 Radio

“Some people say the 90’s was the best era for rock and roll. Some say it needs a comeback. Long Island’s Terra Stigma is not only reviving the golden grunge of the 90’s, but breathing new life into it with fresh new melodies and dark emotional lyrics.”

“Terra Stigma is a band devoted to becoming the new sound of rock in 2012. Seeing as rock and alternative are making a huge comeback with artists like Gotye, Mumford & Sons and Green Day, these guys are poised to jump on that bandwagon and ride with it”

“. It’s definitely a fully loaded EP from start to finish with some heavy rocking grooves, amazing riffs, sizzling solos, solid low end rhythm section and melodic vocal layering. There isn’t a weak song anywhere on this entire EP”

“These guys are in the category of bands that perplex you, make you question why they aren’t famous, with their distinct, and unforgettable sound. Given the right break they will do amazing things;”

“Their sound is similar to a pleasant mixing of Mudvayne, Nirvana, and Daughtry. With an intense and passionate sound they have built a solid following, proving the grunge is far from dead. ”

“With Dark, emotional rock tunes fronted with gritty vocals and edgy dueling guitar riff the boys are sure to win over their fair share of attention from fans and critics alike.”

Don Sill - Good TImes Magazine