"I remember some time ago, there was a band that really caught my attention. This band was playing all over town and they were gaining some decent momentum when everything came to a halt and the band announced that they were no longer doing shows. I was a little disappointed, but little did I know they are about to make a colossal return" "They're back and it would be cliche' to say they are on fire, so I will say this, get ready"

"If you live in or around Sacramento, California and you follow local music, odds are you have heard of the Hard Rock/Alternative band, Terra Ferno. For the past few years, Terra Ferno has been offering up heavy hitting performances and sharing the stage with headliners like Adema, Taproot and Smile Empty Soul. In 2009, shortly after releasing their self-titled debut album, Sacramento’s 98 Rock nominated Terra Ferno as “Artist of the Month” for August and Terra Ferno won the Summerfest in the Park competition in 2011. The hard work they put into cultivating their own interesting blend of rock genres is not the only reason they are a highly respected icon of the local music community, they also support their fellow musicians and artists in Sacramento. Their sound? A hybrid of Hard Rock/Adult Contemporary/Alternative expertly crafted by seriously talented musicians who have found a unique niche. Amazing guitar solos and music that just makes you feel good...."

"Terra Ferno has undeniably been one of Sacramento's harder working bands, opening up for national acts such as Alien Ant Farm, Smile Empty Soul, Adema and Taproot among others"