Teri Tobin / Press

“The staff and crowd thought Teri was amazing…love to have her back.”

Management - The Roxy Theatre, West Hollywood

“I long for good R&B music and I think I have found it with Teri Tobin. Her music is romantic and mature. It is melodic and sultry. Her sound is a true gift to the world of R&B.”

Rochelle Matthews - Music Designer - DMX/Sonic Tap

“Miss T turned it out!”

Mark Curry - Actor/Comedian/Host - The FoxxHole Live

“I pressed play and a cozy, welcoming, sensual voice emanated from my earphones in the form of the track “Someone,” as I sat on my bus ride. It actually evoked an enormous grin right across my face. You know, the type you get when you close your eyes and feel a song. ... the songs just kept rolling in like a never ending sun storm. The wanting and gushing in “Everything I Ever Wanted,” and the feel-so-good-from-the-inside-out track (and also my favorite) “Wide.” It was only the first three songs on Teri’s album and she had me in the palm of her hands... The alluring and tantalizing vibrations dripping from “Whatcha Say” are enough to get any soiree started (another favorite track) and the album couldn’t of ended on a better note, than on the heavy-hearted “Why.” To me, the album is set in waves. It starts on a mellow tip, takes you on a mid-tempo journey and ends on a slow, quiet storm tip. Love it. Love Infinity is melancholy, sensual, endearing and tender.”

“The silky/soultry voice combined with the groovin vibe of the brilliant new release by Teri Tobin entitled, "Free" is a must have to your music collection. This song is definitely food for your soul! Highly recommended”

“I can tell if I'm going to like a new song within the first fifteen seconds, but with Teri Tobin's new single "Free", I knew I was going to like it from the first beat. It combines the freshness of nusoul and hip hop with subtle touches of classic 70's soul. Ms. Tobin's voice effortlessly floats along the groove. A certain addition to my playlist. I'm eagerly anticipating what else she has in store for us. ”

David J. - Soul by David J

“Her voice is smoother than wine, rich like butter, & goes down like honey.”