Terese Genecco / Press

“Best of 2011: "Terese Genecco's monthly love-in at Iridium recalls another era when big bands were fronted by girl singers who went on to become stars (like Rosemary Clooney, Anita O'Day and Doris Day, etc.) At a time when there's not much left out there to revisit an age we will never see again, along comes Genecco from San Francisco. She's a temerarious dynamo with a flair for brassy delivery on making the standards swing. Sometimes at the piano or at the drum kit, this girl singer works the room and shakes up Times Square as the longest running cabaret show on Broadway."”

“There were no "mice" in the Ratpack—it was strictly an all-boy's club. But if Frank, Dean and Sammy ever returned from the Great Casino in the Sky, the first youngish female singer that I'd recommend to join their clan is this high-voltage entertainer. Ms. Genecco is deeply rooted in the early 1960s, the colorful last gasp of the era of swingin' lovers, and, as such, draws equally from Louis Prima and Sammy Davis on one hand and Ray Charles and Elvis on the other. On the last Tuesday of each month, she and her three horns and five rhythm put on an unstoppable juggernaut of a set at the Iridium, with one hard-hitting swinger after another, pausing only for what she describes as a mandatory "two-ballad maximum." The calendar may say Dec. 28, but Ms. Genecco makes every show seem like New Year's Eve.”

““It’s hard to avoid feeling pretty darn great when Terese Genecco launches into her bouncy, full-hearted rendition of "The Man I Love," accompanied by a cooking seven-piece band! The evening’s snappy, zippy swing leaves you feeling happily woven into an inner circle of frisky retro fun."”

"If you don't know who Terese Genecco is, you should. She's a pint-sized dynamo, gifted with the need to swing in a big, bold way. It's a gloomy world out there, but with Terese Genecco & Her Little Big Band in the house, it's a whole lot brighter!"

"Terese Genecco & Her Little Big Band are putting on a series of blazing musical performances at The Iridium in NYC!.. A Dynamo! Packed with Rat Pack punch! The addiction grows... check it out...come to a meeting. My name is Rob and I am a Geneccoholic!"

"Terese Genecco and her little big band are playing a rollicking retro show titled 'Last Call,' but it might as well be named 'Party Time!' Genecco swings San Francisco like it's Las Vegas!"

"Terese Genecco and her little big band are carrying on the tradition of high-energy musical excitement that Louis Prima and his gang for years created to electrify the wee hours in Nevada lounges...a welcome addition to the downtown music scene...A charmer!"

“Terese Genecco rocks San Francisco's Rrazz Room with all the sass and sound of a late-night Vegas nightclub act...a musical typhoon...enough raw power to launch a N.A.S.A. space shuttle! Stellar...raucous...engaging and all-out fun!”